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Requests & Suggestions

About this page

Fairly regularly, we get a new player who gets the game, downloads it, and sees, "Oh wow, a board to make feature requests, I'll give them all my cool ideas and I'll get to see it in a future version!" However, many cool ideas have already been brought to the attention of the various developers and collaborators of the project, including most of the ideas we see people write down when they show up on the forums and list all their ideas. Indeed, some ideas have been discussed back and forth for months, as people reexamine the code, and borrow (steal) ideas from different inspiration sources. This has significantly to do with the facts of development: It takes a long time to see new versions of non-CVS releases, and even with the rapid development cycle of open source, not everything that is planned has made it into the game yet. - V4X3N

This page tries to synthesize the feature requests and ideas that have been mentioned in the forum (well, most of them anyway). I have split the page in several subsections representing the different aspects of the game to make it easier to read and find your area of interest. Ultimately this is intended as an inspirational repository for the developers. - AeonOfTime

This article is an attempt to compile all feature requests for Vega Strike, and give some indication as to their development status. This is not a "to-do" list. Rather, it is intended to serve as a place to track feature requests, as well as serve as a source of ideas for the developers.

Status of proposals

To be able to find out what status an idea or proposal is in, I have added a status marker ([]) to each. These are the meanings of the markers I used:

  • [X] This request has been implemented
  • [Y] This request is being implemented in some form
  • [P] This request has been or is being partially implemented
  • [W] This request is under construction
  • [R] This request has been rejected
  • [] This request is pending

Updating this page

Feel free to edit this page to add your ideas if they are not listed here; just make sure you follow the general structure of the page so it stays readable. Also try to list discussion threads in chronological order, starting from oldest to newest.


World mechanics

Seamless world...

Seamless planetary/atmospheric flight []

The obligatory suggestion - be able to fly from space seamlessly to a planet's surface and land.

Discussion threads:

Seamless inter-system flight []

There should be no pause between leaving one system and entering another when flying directly.

Discussion threads:

Walkable planets and bases []

3D bases and planets that can be traveled in first person, which may include the following:

  • In-base fps-style missions (assassinations, package deliveries, etc.)
  • Planetside RPG-like missions
  • Highly detailed, procedurally generated planets/cities

This is one of the most commonly requested features. The new OGRE port will make this possible, but a lot of additional work will need to be done in order to implement it.

Discussion threads:

Walkable ship interiors []

In a perfect implementation this might be like this:

You are able to detach from your pilots seat by a hotkey. You suddenly find yourself in a FPS like environment standing next to your pilot seat. Now you can walk around and explore the ship.

Every ship has its own interior. A small fighter probably has no more than an engineering panel behind the pilots seat, and a small living area with a bunk, small galley and most likely a plumbing unit. An airlock which might be functional if you have landed on a planet? (see "walkable planets and bases")

If the vessel becomes bigger and bigger, there is obviously more and more to explore. Living room for a small crew, sick bay, hallways to different sections like engineering, hangar bays, gun turrets, cryo chambers, prison, elevators to other levels and huge cargo compartments. For bigger ships the pilots seat might be placed at a bridge containing big screens displaying data about the ship and the environment. They could seriously help to make strategic decisions. Any controls that aren't really needed in cockpit/hotkeys (like HUD setup, weapon groups, repair priorities, etc) could as well be acessed via widgets as an engineering panel or bridge.

It's important that the interior fits to the exterior appearance of the ship, it has to be believable. This would greatly add to the perception of the size and type of your ship.

You can go to damaged sections and repair them. You could visit captured pilots in the prison and talk to them, they might have important information. You could fight intruders. You could go to your hangar bay and select one of your small vessels for a quick interception while your ship remains where it is. Pirx 18:42, 6 September 2009 (UTC)

Discussion threads:

Incorporating walkable (or flyable) planets with the "Explorer" playrole []

Once planets are walkable, you could pretty easily add the explorer function (which is a GREAT idea) by allowing one to purchase different types of scanners (differing in power/range and what they can scan for (radiation/age/foreign tech) for the ship, then scanning as you go around. Maps could be used to guide one to a specific planet, or location, or type of tech there. Maybe scanned areas could be mapped in the Library. xopher425

Crowded/visible docking stations []

We've got all of these ships flying around in a bustling, living galaxy. When you go to dock at a small base, you can see it has 3-4 docking points. Put these two together, and you see that there should be a parking problem, at times. So why not have the base send the player back a message like, 'sorry, we're full. please enter holding pattern zeta while we clear things up. - CoffeeBot

I think, bases would claim the monopoly of force inside their weapon range. So any unauthorized fight in this area would be stopped through the base quickly. The base would first transmit a message like 'This territory is controlled by <basename>, please stop fighting and disable your weapons while staying.' If the ships continue their fight, the base would give a warning like: 'STOP fighting NOW or we will shoot you down' If the opponents still continue their fight, the base would shoot them down, launch its fighters or place a bounty on the ships. - caotic

I would like to see parking lots or piers and jetties. -Shark

I think it'd be nice if you could see capital ships that are docked to the base. - cshank4

Additional playroles...

(a.k.a. vocations and mission types)

Discussion threads:

Treasure Hunter/Explorer/Archeologist []

I think it would be easy to add a third "role" in Vegastrike, besides 'trader' and 'hunter': 'Explorer'. If you specialize your ship and equipment for exploration, you'd probably be interested in "treasure maps" with full awareness of their NOT being treasure maps, but because of their potential for good finds in terms of habitable planets and resource-rich asteroids. - chuck_starchaser

This would require that at least some of the systems are left unexplored. Currently, I think all systems in VS have some level of faction presence. -Shark

Be able to buy treasure maps from guys in bars (pirates! anyone?), which would mark special spots on your starcharts where a shipwreck could be or a special kind of anomaly or whatever. - AeonOfTime

At pirate bases one should be able to buy treasure maps, but that they'd be ancient documents written on PAPER! and using alphanumeric star designations from way back in the third millennium. So you have to figure out what's what. But the thing is, any such piece of paper from back in the 3rd millennium is automatically assumed to mean "treasure", but more often than not, the papers are about anything but "treasures", but rather about curious planets or moons, or, occasionally, about potential spots for inducing the formation of jump-points, or about the presence of archeological finds, or resources. - chuck_starchaser

Discussion threads:

Reporter []

There should be GNN missions, to, say, take pictures of a battle or a fleet or some millionaire, or famous privateer in action, whatever. Started as a joke about Paparazzi. Also, if you happen to see some unusual fight, say confeds and insys fighting each other due to some friendly fire escalation, you could snap pictures of it and then bargain with a GNN representative over how much they are worth...

I don't know whether he's planning to do something about it or not, or whether he's forgotten about it. The possibilities are multiplicative there: You could get a reputation faster, or avoid a reputation; you could have a fight with a fleet of a faction and avoid the impact of it on your standing with that faction as long as you a) destroy all the ships, b) kill all the ejected pilots, and c) make sure there was no gnn snapping pictures around. If you know someone is a double agent, and you have pictures to prove it, you can blackmail him.

If you get too much of a reputation, you might get paparazzi following you around; but not too many factions hate them, so if you kill them it may get you in trouble. You'd wind up trying to predict and affect the presence or absence of news media depending on the mission you're doing; and in the overall, trying to avoid excessive notoriety. One strategy would be to become, oneself, a reliable gnn contributor, so as to make it a redundant option for them to send reporters to wherever you're going... - chuck_starchaser

Tour guide or passenger liner []

Ferry tourists between scenic locations. Tours begin and end at the same location.

  • Passengers and passenger space could be a special kind of cargo (it requires extra life support).
  • Negotiate escorts to risky systems. Advertise traveling to try and get more passengers, and buy commercial time. Schedule flights in other systems ahead of you, or cancel them.

Station manager []

Operate a station efficiently to increase trade throughput/production, and fend off pirates. Run an efficient shipyard, competitively buy/sell/repair/build ships using raw materials or supplies. Screen refugees for spies (requires buying citizen databases from merchant ships). Refuse docking clearance for jerks and scum. Prevent or foster trading of contraband and slaves while keeping the authorities happy. Upgrade number of dock points, defenses, power, cloaking of contraband, mining drills, etc. Set/Collect tariffs, fees and taxes, route or cover up news (or propaganda). Set up escorts for people. Sell employees and citizens enough food and supplies to be entertained and healthy but don't drive them out by charging too much. Request supplies from merchants via news bulletins. Choose which supplies to accept/reject, and rates for selling them (compete with other stations in and out system). Scout for new jump points and set up jump fees. Take bounties, try to catch pirates docking here but avoid pissing off their factions since you are a stationary target. Attempt to contract patrols to explore or protect the system (thus encouraging merchants to come), while keeping your overlords appeased about how much you're spending and how you're spending it. Secretly subcontract privateers and pirates (become a covert pirate base while maintaining a cover as a mining or medical base). Safely perform evacuations before any overwhelming forces arrive. Put down any uprisings from citizens. Add modules onto the base to increase capacity for all the business you're drawing in, but organize the construction for optimal defense. Specialize in a specific type of resource production using raw materials. -bugeyedllama

Bounty hunter []

Eliminate named individuals for a bounty.

Discussion threads:

Attended or unattended mining []

One should be able to mine asteroids/ore for additional income. Possibly, set up an unattended mining operations on asteroids requiring special mining droids that drill through the asteroid and deposit unprocessed ore into a repository that you can dock to and unload with your ship. Something like a modern-day oil rig. -Shark

Discussion threads:

Rescue missions []

Players should be able to initiate (and participate in) rescue missions as an alternative to/in conjunction with ejecting. I.e. if a player ejects, they can post a note on the BBS requesting extraction.

Discussion threads:

NPC individual traits []

NPC pilots could have individual preferences/statistics, making them act differently.

E.g. pilot stats in Wing Commander are:

  • Aggressiveness: Eagerness to engage and resistance to distraction (taunts) when already attacking someone.
  • Carefulness: Expending energy and ammo. (conservative - wasteful)
  • Courage: Will the pilot hightail after the first hits or fight to death?
  • Flying skill
  • Gunnery skill
  • Loyalty: Willingness to obey in-flight orders. (always - never)
  • Verbosity: Probability of random chat/taunt.

For another example, Power DoLLS has:

  • Attack: 2 stats for different sorts of targets (Ground and Air),
  • Combat Concentration: Close-range damage.
  • Search Tachometer: Acquire targets.
  • Defense: Avoid incoming fire.
  • Action Point: How much the pilot can actually do in the same time.

A possible set for "open box" SCS with detection and ECM like Vega Strike could be similar to WC, plus Sensors skill, Countermeasures skill, Reaction and Persistency (overall inclination to proceed with the current course of action, influencing tactics and perhaps adjusting Aggressiveness/Courage/Loyalty checks). Units with multiple crew positions may have NPC with different skills - e.g. one working to use radars more efficiently, another controls turrets. See also "NPC personality" below.

Crews and skills []

Ships' crew. An option to allow/demand more than one osition for specific ships, much like in Frontier Elite. But then, why not to make it more meaningful and give them different usefulness and wages? Same may apply to PC. Possibly advancing CRPG style (see below), but not necessarily. Sure, most tasks can be automated, but even then fully sentient oversight may improve the results. Same applies to the dock crews: a not very busy shipyard can be expected to polish the ship into mint condition, an orbital garden probably can fix basic systems, but no more than that. Everyone needs some sort of a bunk and can die on their workplace separately from others if the hull is damaged.

A repairbot may also counts as a variant crewmember in addition to being a ship system: it also can be qualified to do specific jobs, but not others, and may have its requirements. See also FAQ:Feature_Requests#Walkable ship interiors - in base-like interface Player Character could chat with crewmembers and setup bots. Perhaps linked "roll entry / fixer / contract" for crew, "roll entry / ship part / control panel" for bots.

  • General Repair: How fast the repair is, how much energy it consumes, how likely it is to waste materials or break things further. With a damaged repairbot the latter can be "very likely" unless supervised.
  • General Maintainance: Less skilled teams may overlook something, so check vital ship systems more often to be on the safe side. More skilled engineers are likely to change a system's condition closer to ideal.
  • {specific system:rating}: Adjustments for tagged sets of systems. Ignorant - can install - can quick-fix - can optimize (actually get good results, rather than passable) - expert.
    • There are lots of ship systems - engines, weapons, armor, etc - and of various origins. Humans rarely get training and experience with Rlaan materials, while Rlaan don't use missile weapons - but could do something about Human shields and disruptors, at least standard ones.
  • Cargo operations: How fast goods move into/from the hold. Eventually, loaders will move all those containers to the right pile either way, but time is money, so a good stevedore can be valuable. Also, even single-player game could do something with "simulate_while_docked".
  • Acceleration tolerances: This does matter, and depends on subspecies or repairbot model. (probably, at least an XYZ vector)
  • Species/Type: Defines lifesupport demands, among other things. Refers to a table and mostly is handled somewhere else.
  • Appearance: Just name and sprite file, probably.
  • Upkeep: Specific contract parameters.

RPG characteristics [R]

Stat and skill-based experience system, ala the game Mount&Blade. -Shark


  • strength stat: can withstand more Gs or personal damage before succumbing.
  • intelligence stat: increases the rate at which one can improve skills.
  • weapon-accuracy skill: increases the size of the hit-box surrounding a target.
  • hacking skill: increases one's ability to break into docked ships or sabotage subsystems.
  • gambling skill: reaps additional credits in bars.
  • diplomacy skill: increases influence with NPCs/factions.
  • leadership skill: increases influence with wingmen.
  • merchant stat: increases the price you can sell items for and decreases the price you can buy things for -Jesse_The_Midget

Another example is Earth & Beyond, where XP and levels are tabulated separately for Exploration, Combat and Trading. Individual skills are then based on ranks in one of these three areas. -Shark

Discussion threads:

In-flight events []


  • Having distress calls. - chuck_starchaser
  • Ability to communicate with other ships to ask for help or to offer them pay for escorting you or being your wing for a mission. - chuck_starchaser
  • NPC's that approach you in space to ask for help or to offer you money for a quick job. - chuck_starchaser
  • Things that break sometimes and you have to fix in flight. - chuck_starchaser
  • Mysterious ships one encounters once in a blue moon. - chuck_starchaser
  • Getting info about events in your vicinity that can have an effect on trade, like a drought on planet X in system X. - AeonOfTime
  • Mini-missions like a mercenary challenging you to a little race or dogfight simulation for money... Or even merchants asking you to trade directly in space. - AeonOfTime
  • Space anomalies cropping up across space, and which you could choose to investigate if you have the right scientific equipment on board. These could then either give you technology or scientific material to trade and even contain precious artefacts that you can use to enhance your ship. - AeonOfTime
  • Shipwrecks! Be able to track down and find ancient ships that can be salvaged entirely or only parts of. You could track them through still functioning beacons on the ship or energy signatures (star trek anyone?). - AeonOfTime
  • Shipwrecks on planet surfaces that are infested with dangerous alien monsters. Before you can get all the valuable items in the shipwreck you have to fight them with weapons like you do in a 3d shooter. This might be an interesting feature with the new ogre engine which should allow such walking inside ships and space stations - Cordess
  • A means of hailing a planet/station/anything you can dock with so that you can ask them to send a list of what they've got in stock, and what their current market prices are for all goods (even those which they don't have in stock, for the purposes of selling). I believe Elite Frontier had this mechanism, and it streamlined trading greatly. - Stevie D. Discussion in this thread.
    • Appropriate time delays should apply. If the station is 8 light seconds away, it should take 16 or more seconds for the reply to come (unless you've purchased an FTL communications array). -bugeyedllama
    • This ability could be a purchasable ship upgrade (eg, a software upgrade or some kind of merchant-service-membership). -bugeyedllama

Discussion threads:

Dynamic universe...

All events are AI-driven. Pre-scripted sequences, with canned dialogue, are possible--but should be triggered by the AI. Imagine a behind-the-scenes RTS, with multiple independent factions, where the player assumes the role of a single unit. -Shark

Dynamic campaign []

Plot events and/or NPC interactions should be triggered by the Dynamic Universe and real AI/faction interests (and not be pre-written). -Shark

Discussion threads:

Economy petri-net []

All items are consumed (except for consumer products) and/or produced (except for natural resources) during the production of other items. -Shark, but suggested previously in the forums

Discussion threads:

Procedural mission generation []

Missions are assembled dynamically out of component parts using a mission grammar. -Shark

Discussion threads:

Same, default universe for all players by default []

The default configuration should be that the same starting universe exist by default for all players. (With the ability/option to override this of course.)

Discussion threads:

Improve faction behaviors and add faction tasks/incentives []

Aside from the storyline, I've found the races and factions to all be pointless because of how easy it is to make enemies and switch sides. Eventually, you feel like youre own group instead of a part of the story. -hacked

Discussion threads:

Difficulty scaling based on kills, not only on cash []

The difficulty of enemies should be based on skill, not cash.

Discussion threads:

Other economy discussions...

Discussion threads:

Black market [P]

Add a few rare planets, bases or maybe a roving capship to do black market mods to your ships (i.e. mounting a heavy capship weapon or torpedo on a llama).

Discussion threads:

Time and its benefits []

Time would be a great feature to add. You could then add a Bank (First Interstellar Bank - Where the Stars bank!), so that players could borrow money or open a savings account, or even buy stocks. This would add a whole new strategy to the game. xopher425

Self-replenishing resources []

If you buy out gems from a mining base, there should be some more by the time you come back

Banks and credit []

Add banks and other institutions that issue loans to players.

Discussion threads:

Resource consumption and production []

Make bases use up resources to produce their goods. Supply and demand could be tied into this, as a mining station about to run out of breathable oxygen or mining tools, would pay more to obtain it than a station with a massive amount in reserve. Aacron

Real shipyards []

Make shipyards with production. Remove 'Milspec' from non-shipyard bases. Used ships at normal bases. Perhaps tie in resources to ship production as well. A race or faction would pay more to obtain resources if the race/faction ship count is low, and they need to produce more. Aacron

Property market & owning space stations []

Add an option to buy or sell and maintain ownership of Space Stations or mining bases and the like. Perhaps owning planets would take it a step too far. oddeyed

Discussion threads:

Multiple bases per planet []

Each planet has multiple locations where you can dock/trade.

Discussion thread:

Price comparison []

The game should have some way to compare prices. Either by listing an average price, or keeping a record of past prices at previous locations.

Discussion threads:

Blockades []

Blockades on stations or planets that have long term consequences for the station or planet and neighboring areas.

Discussion threads:

Object appearance & properties


Parcelling cargo based upon scale []

Bulk goods should go in larger containers.

Discussion threads:

Handle different types of cargo separately []

Separate cargo, upgrades and ammunition into different types of cargo. -Turbo Beholder

Discussion threads:

3D models of merchandise instead of sprites []

Rotatable 3D models for all cargo/ships/upgrades instead of 2D sprites. -Shark


Auto-transfer equipment between ships []

Quickly transfer all installed equipment between ships docked at the same station.

Discussion threads:

Better balancing []

Discussion threads:

Multiple locations for single mount []

Missiles etc. could fire from several locations yet count as a single mount so refilling would be easier. See forum for details.

Discussion threads:

Purchase used as well as new items []

Add the option for players to purchase used items that are slightly damaged or inferior.

Discussion threads:

"Unique" items []

Make it possible for there to be "unique" items/ships/installations that appear only once in the game.

Discussion threads:

Ship/equipment prices based on item stats []

The price of ships and equipment should be calculated from its statistics—not fixed at a set price by the author. -Shark

Discussion threads:

Swap/sell more types of ship components []

Too many ship components are hard-coded and cannot be swapped out.

Discussion threads:

Armor type/thickness []

Armor should have two separate parameters that affect its effectiveness: thickness and type.

Discussion threads:

Mesh-based submodules []

Submodules should be installed in physical locations, subject to location-based damage, and (typically) interchangeable with other subunit types of the same physical dimensions.

Discussion threads:

Missile turrets [P]

Add turrets that can fire missiles.

Discussion threads:

Tractor beam turrets []

Tractor beams should be installable on turrets.

Discussion threads:

SPEC interdiction devices []

SPEC interdiction devices, either in the form of installed equipment, missiles or mines. -Shark

Discussion threads:

Contraband scan devices []

Only ships with the required hardware should be able to initiate contraband scans.

Discussion threads:


Ship decoration []

Customize the appearance of ships with custom textures/decals/etc..

Discussion threads:

Animated ship models []

Make it possible for ship/station models to have animated parts (i.e., parts that open/close/rotate/etc.).

Discussion threads:

Better ship & equipment classification system []

A more sane way to classify ships and equipment should be devised.

Discussion threads:


Improve quality of special effects []

The special effects are dated and of low quality.

Discussion threads:

Spelling fix Aacron

Nebula appearance []

Change the appearance of nebulae.

Discussion thread:

Missile smoke []

Missiles and torpedoes should have some kind of smoke trails, allowing to see them arriving/hitting your target.

Fix planet lighting []

Currently, exploding ships cause the planets to light up. This is unrealistic.

Discussion threads:

Flight/combat mechanics

Docking & ejection...

Auto-docking feature [P]

An autopilot specially designed for docking ships.

Discussion threads:

Better wingman docking/launching mechanics []

Wingmen should be able to be ordered to dock into the cargo hold instead of having to be tractored in.

Discussion threads:

Enemies that eject when scared/damaged []

Enemies should eject/bail when damaged or scared. you should then be able to tow/salvage the empty ship and keep or sell it.

Discussion threads:

Option to eject using ship in shiphold []

If you have another ship in your hold, you should be able to eject and automatically pilot this ship instead.

Discussion threads:


Ability to control a fleet of ships directly []

A commander mode (most likely third-person) to facilitate the control of multiple units, simultaneously. I would recommend this in a separate branch of VegaStrike (an RTS, perhaps), as this would give players an unfair advantage over others. For example Homeworld and Star Wolves. -Shark

Discussion threads:

Make capital ships easier to pilot []

Discussion threads:

More intelligent NPC tactics []

NPC pilots should know when to run or hide, or when they're not having any effect.

Discussion threads:

Requiring (player or AI) crews for larger ships []

Large ships, like capital ships, have posts that need to be manned. For example Star trek Online.

Discussion threads:

"Intelligent" autopilot and/or NAV buoys []

Autopilot should be able to navigate the quickest/most economical route between two bodies, taking into account gravitational effects upon SPEC in the intermediary regions. NAV buoys could be placed strategically around systems along paths where the gravitational fields are weakest (and thus where SPEC speeds are fastest), and leading to important destinations. An intelligent autopilot would then be able to trace a route from one destination to another using these buoys. A similar thing was implemented in Earth & Beyond. -Shark

Discussion threads:

Space & physics...

Gravity []

Gravitational fields surrounding spatial bodies. They should determine the maximum SPEC speeds, as well as influence trajectories. These should not pose a real danger to the player (normally, given VS's large acceleration rates), but should merely serve to add tactical flavor (interception, etc., as well as some real dangers during tense fights!). -Shark

Discussion threads:

Modification to SPEC dynamics []

One problem with the current SPEC drive system is that if you are anywhere near a ship, you lose your SPEC ability, as if you had approached a planet. This, in most cases, removes any possibility of bugging out of combat with a ship, and if you're flying something like a Plowshare, you don't stand a chance against a Pacifier and 2 Hyenas anyway, but you can't get away and may as well press the self destruct button. Basically I'm just asking if you could make it so you can still SPEC in the presence of ships. If you want to maintain some form of SPEC interference caused by ships, you could make it so your SPEC speed slows down to about 200 or so, but it doesn't deactivate. 200 is still a reasonable speed to escape from a firefight.

COMMENT: SPEC system actually seems not to be affected by presence of ships(v0.5 beta), and I think it actually should, because now its not possible to dock on a larger ship if its specing. (Request docking clearance to make a friendly ship stop so you can get close and dock). And I would expect you should not be able to run away with SPEC, in contrary your options should be ( when meeting a superior opponent ):fight, give up, call for help.

Discussion threads:

Regions of space with status effects []

Regions of space that affect sensors, disable shields, or cause radiation damage. -Shark

Discussion threads:

Weapons, targeting & ship systems...

Limitations on weapon auto-tracking []

Weapons should be limited in the distance they are able to track moving objects.

Discussion threads:

Auto- or burst-fire for rockets []

One should be able to hold the "fire" button and launch rockets repeatedly.

Discussion threads:

Active weapon selection []

You should be able to toggle whether certain weapons are active/inactive.

Discussion threads:

Heat/shield/power/stealth/etc. management [P]

The game really needs to implement some system of heat and temperature. I believe this had already been discussed in the effectors thread, but I don't think it needs to be that complex. [...] When the temperature of your armor approaches their heat-shielding rating, your armor will start to take damage. Until your ship blows up. There would be an indicator on your hud for external temperature, armor temperature, and hull temperature. - pifactorial

Similar to Heat Management, except you manage your shield distribution, power-plant output, and sensors profile. -Shark

Discussion threads:


Minefields []

A drone weapon with projectiles that automatically deploy themselves into grids (spherical or rectangular?). -Shark

Defense systems for mining bases []

Give mining bases turrets! My god, I've seen Aera patrols wipe those things out because the things have no defense. - cshank4

Rather than giving the mining bases turrets, I think that independently controlled turrets should surround the mining bases. -Shark


Changes to how damage is calculated []

There should be different types of damage depending on the class of weapon, and damage should be calculated differently.

Discussion threads:

Restrictions on transferring ships []

Transporting player-owned ships from base to base should take time and cost money.

Discussion threads:

Towing []

You can request a tow when your ship is too damaged to move.

Discussion threads:

In-flight UI

Keyboard/mouse/joystick controls...

Nearest hostile key [X]

It would be great to have a nearest hostile key in addition to the next hostile key - this would always switch to the nearest hostile target to avoid flipping through them with H until you find out the one just 1000 metres to your left. - AeonOfTime

Done in SVN: r and R. also check out other nearest* keys: k, K, ctrl-k. - peter

Discussion threads:

Target last ship to hail you []

Like nearest hostile, except it targets the ships which have established communications with the player in order of least time elapsed to greatest. - glarbl_blarbl

Scope/area targeting []

The "P" (point targeting) could be based on the area immediately around the mouse cursor (assuming one is shown) as well as the crosshair. -bugeyedllama

In-game keyboard hotkey chart & mapping []

Add a menu to display and/or modify the keyboard commands.

Discussion threads:

Targeting improvements []

When a target type is selected, other targets of the same type could have a blue/gray dotted "X" crosshair rather than a box (or a blurry dot on the edge of the HUD for offscreen unselected objects). For example, anytime you select a hostile unit, you can still see where other hostiles are. Perhaps a small number beside each unselected target could indicate the target ordering (it tells you how many times should you press "H" for that target). -bugeyedllama 4:09, 16 March 2008 (PST) Also, provide for an alternate (easier to learn) targeting method, key1 for selecting target types and key2 for selecting individual targets. The old way of targeting should of course be left in place, or at least quickly available via some option.

Discussion threads:

Trajectory heading autopilot []

Functions to automatically orient the player's ship in the direction of travel, or opposite it, would truly make flying cargo and capships (e.g. Ox, Clyde) reasonable. Since these ships only have any significant thrust (in comparison to their mass, that is) in the forward and maybe reverse direction you need to be able to point them back along your vector in order to stop. Given that the SPEC autopilot is already capable of figuring all this out and then some, the code must be in there somewhere :) Even with a trajectory indicator (above - and also sorely needed for flying capships) this function is needed so that you can initiate a stop and then jump into a turret and do some firing while your gigantic, ponderous vessel comes about. - drinkypoo

Discussion threads:

Improvements to mouse controls []

The mouse flight controls need improvement.

Discussion threads:

Add support for the wiimote []

Discussion threads:

Add support for TrackIR []

Add support for TrackIR to track head movements.

Discussion threads:

HUD improvements...

Turrets status display []

In the HUD, have additional indicators near the current weapons summary that display information about any turrets installed on your ship: whether the turret AI is active, and what their current state is (damaged 50%, destroyed etc...) - AeonOfTime

Make HUD radar blip proportional to mass []

It would be cool if you could tell from your radar screen which contacts are planet-sized. - glarbl_blarbl

I think differently-classed objects should receive different icons in the UI. -Shark

Trajectory/direction/motion indicators []

Some kind of hud lines or something that would tell me which direction I'm travelling would be good. It could be something as simple as a box or a cross or something that shows the direction my ship is travelling in. I don't expect gravity plays much of a role in bending trajectories (or that the planets move around the star, for that matter) but adding a little "reality physics" like using gravity as a slingshot, etc. might be kind of fun too. - unknown

Something like this would be really helpful so you could know if you're actually heading towards the destination when you engage SPEC. There are a couple ways this could be implemented. Perhaps a circle (just large enough to contain the cross hairs) could appear designating the current direction. Also it might be nice if the trajectory showed up as a special symbol on radar. This way you would have a better idea of your direction in relation to other ships. - shadow_slicer

Discussion threads:

Better tracking/warning for enemy missiles & torpedoes []

BTW the torpedo launchers on the cap ships are quite annoying as you often just blow up out of thin air. Maybe you could introduce some better warning system that at least gives us the opportunity to effectively dodge those things. - Zel

Visual effects when SPEC is enabled []

SPEC should affect the display in various ways.

Discussion threads:

Aural queues for in-flight events []

Things like missile locks, detection of new enemies, etc., should trigger audio files to be played.

Discussion threads:

Date/time display [X]

Show the current date and time. Makes time dilation mode (F9) and other effects more visible to the player and gives a better sense of time for when news updates are checked. -bugeyedllama. Display of stardate in bases and on the HUD was implemented (pyramid).

Flight log display []

A flight log might be helpful: show the date and time of the last 5-10 battles/docks insystem, and the dates you entered your last 3-5 systems. -bugeyedllama

Point-and-click HUD interface []

To help with the learning curve, a point and click interface for most functions would help with discoverability of features and to remind users of any keybindings they've forgotten. Right now learning the controls is very difficult and not fun.

  • To avoid clutter, and since the mouse is already used, the interface is only active when a meta key (ctrl or shift) is held down; at all other times there is just a message like "Hold Shift for menus"; shortcuts could be shown beside relevant menu items wherever possible.
  • Click on HUD to select nearest target (nearest visually) to cursor.
  • Click on the subscreens to cycle through them (manifests/guns; target/communications); click on a help button or a menu for access to everything else. Subscreens should have a title bar when menus are active with either a dropdown or instructions on how to click to change the view.
  • List or dropdown for different view modes (and their shortcuts, F1-F8).
  • To fly to a target, click on it and select "set course for target".

-bugeyedllama 4:09, 16 March 2008 (PST)

Not sure if I agree with the "select target nearest cursor" idea. And I think point-and-click target selection should be reserved for the "Sensors cam" idea I suggested, below. Accessing/switching sub-screens is a must though. -Shark

Discussion threads:

Use SVG for HUD graphics [R]

Use SVG to display all in-game UI elements. -Shark

Improve representation of spatial scale and motion []

Improve how the size and motion of objects are conveyed to the player. Currently, big ships don't really seem "big" because fighters are so fast.

Discussion threads:

HUD redesigns []

Proposals for modifying the appearance of the in-game HUD.

Discussion threads:

Cargo space indicator []

Add an indicator that reports the empty cargo space remaining.

Discussion threads:

Additional in-flight interfaces...

Intersystem inflight economic database []

How about having the ability to browse commodity prices, news and missions in nearby systems while flying? That way you could really plan ahead. Even place your orders in advance. - chuck_starchaser

A mission computer that displays the missions and trade goods prices of your target from your spaceship. Even have it where you can accept bounty and patrol missions remotely. Cargo you would obviously need to dock for. (Or you could have larger bases send the cargo out to you on a ship that would transfer in midspace. Tractor beam for example.) -Roth

Discussion threads:

In-flight web browser []

I play now a fiew month eve online And fiew idea's think a can use in the mmo version of vegastrike. And one of my idea's is a in flight web browser. -www2

I would have to vote 'No', unless the internet in question is fictional, as well--in which case I would vote 'Yes'. -Shark

Could be to do with the library mentioned earlier. A user could 'buy' a book from one station and read it on the way to other places. Would make the game more interesting, and the player would be more immersed in the world. -Aronzak

Discussion threads:

In-flight IRC chat []

Discussion threads: IRC Chat Client In Game

Personal logbook/diary []

A personal databook for storing notes or quest data.

It would be nice to have some place in the GUI menu to write down some (personal) notes that are saved with the game when saving the game. This is a very handy feature in a RPG game, because you will no more need real paper to write down some small things like what you want to do next, what you have planned or what you did in the past etc.. - Cordess

Discussion threads:

Unify the in-flight and base UIs []

Use the same UI for in-flight and base operations. -Turbo Beholder

Discussion threads:


Ability to use the camera controls while paused [X]

This makes it easier for screenshot-takers to find the perfect angles for action shots -Halleck

(Edited to include all camera controls. -Shark)

Translate or "free" cam []

Camera which can be moved independently of the ship, even while paused. This would be useful for capturing screenshots and gameplay footage, as well as "system browsing". -Halleck and ace123

Discussion threads:

"Chase" cam []

A third-person, behind-the-ship view (kind of like in the video games StarFox, or better yet WarHawk), complete with custom HUD and control scheme, would be nice. -Shark

"Sniper" cam []

A zoom lense for weapons that can take advantage of this, as well as decreased control sensitivity when in use. See IWar2 and (I think) Tachyon for an example. -Shark

"Sensors" view []

A third-person view that is automatically zoomed out to the limits of the ship's secondary sensors. Ships smaller than stations are represented using dots instead of meshes. Orbital paths/gravitational fields should also be represented. Setting autopilot waypoints or nav targets should also be possible. See Homeworld for an example. -Shark

Starmap []

Show dockable targets and factions in starmap []

It would be useful for the map screen to show you what dockable planets and stations are present and what faction is in control in the system you have selected. - unknown

In-base starmap []

It would be great to have a starmap you could consult while at a station. That way, you could make intelligent choices about hauling cargo. Having this accessible from a Station Library would be the way to go. The other solution would be to add such functionality to the mission computer. E.g. except the Accept button for a chosen mission there could be a Map button that would, when pressed, show the route to the target star system of the mission. Or the map could be accessible from the info screen. E.g. except the Pilot and Ship buttons there could be a Map button. Red circle with an arrow and 'YOU ARE HERE' text would be informative thing too. -unknown

Larger/better starmap window []

Make the window/map as large as possible to increase its usefulness as a summary of in-system objects. The starmap should not have such a thick frame, for example. Currently it's trying to show more than the HUD in less space than the HUD. While the player needs to be reminded the game isn't paused, this could be accomplished by providing a slight transparency to the starmap (such as 5% or 7% transparent, mostly opaque). The transparency effect would be more fun for players. -bugeyedllama

Other improvements need to be made to make exploring using the starmap less painful.

Discussion threads:

Separate nav/info buttons []

They're not related, so they should be separate buttons. -bugeyedllama

Modal buttons should show current mode []

Move multifunction buttons that affect the view (Nav, Info, Map) away from buttons that affect how the view is represented (2D, 3D, Ortho); use color, position, size/shape, or distance to separate these button groups. Anytime a button cycles between multiple modes (eg with 2d/3d/ortho), some visual cue should *show* the users which mode is the current one (bold/color/lighting).

  • This menu has its virtues. It's not entirely keyboard based, for example.
  • One possible approach:
      • use tabs for the different views, and buttons that light up for view-options. (Tabs should be stylized for the theme--green glowing outlines for example, or side tabs styled like gmail.com inbox/archive/trash/spam/... tabs).
      • Only show view options when they're applicable.
      • Make every view option a separate button (2d is its own button). They should be separate controls because a modal button doesn't communicate which mode is selected. A single button shouldn't do 3 things instead of 1 - it's not normal or expected, so it will confuse people.
      • Don't use tabs for 2d/3d/ortho, since changing the view in one affects the view in the others, and tabs usually indicate independence from each other. While I don't suggest making them a radio list (this isn't a form to fill out), this is essentially what they are.
      • For efficiency, consider making it so users can glance at another view option without clicking on it: hovering over "2d" should make it 2d temporarily; Clicking 2d should make it stick. This has the disadvantage that users may get confused: they might not think the buttons can be clicked, and will never actually switch to another view to manipulate the map. For this reason, the buttons should clearly show their state, and their relationship should be obvious. Perhaps something like a line should connect the three items, and the selected item should be depressed with glowing letters, while the others are raised. Hovering doesn't raise a button, but it makes its text glow. Even if this takes work, it will make the game a lot easier to understand and thus fun to play. Even users who catch on quickly should feel like it's very smooth and obvious--smooth so focus stays on the game instead of the menu, and obvious so it's easier to remember where things are later. Flashy so things are more memorable and satisfying to click (and thus discover). -bugeyedllama

Rename "Up/Down" []

The labeling for Up/Down doesn't really tell what it does. The up/down button should be relabeled as "View - System/Sector" -- or separated into two buttons -- or toggle between saying "View System" and "View Sector" when the user clicks it. -bugeyedllama

Changes to planet/base icons []

It's hard to click on specific items. Planets and bases don't need huge icons around them as with VS 0.4.3. It makes it hard to read anything, and harder to select things that are close. Just have the item whose center is closest to the cursor be selected. -bugeyedllama

Geometric shapes should not be reused excessively. Try to reserve each shape for a particular class of object in order to prevent overlap and confusion. -Shark

Discussion threads:

Crowded areas []

It's impossible to click on really closely spaced items. When an area is crowded, selecting it should cause the map to temporarily zoom in to select the actual target, then zoom out again. (Alternately, instead of zoom use a subwindow or popup menu of items to select near the cursor). -bugeyedllama

Preview target (on hover) []

Hovering over any item should show its image as with the HUD view in bottom right. This will help users to recognize what they're looking for. Also, consider showing distance to target and other details on hover (faction, friendliness rating number, estimated value, time in-system, favorite color, ...) -bugeyedllama

  • While a target is hovered over, shift_1 through shift_9 should set it as a remembered target. This fact should be advertised when the cursor is over the item. If already assigned, the current number it is assigned to should be displayed; Displaying key assignments immediately will show the user the assignment was successful, and keep them from forgetting if a target has already been assigned a number. It will also remind a user if it was important. -bugeyedllama
    • Pressing a number 1-9 should jump the cursor to a remembered target. -bugeyedllama
    • While Shift is pressed but before a number is pressed, all the target assignments should be shown in a layover text. Consider doing this for the HUD display too (although Ctrl and Shift do a lot more on the HUD, so it might not make sense there). -bugeyedllama

"You are here" indicator []

Instead of another inconsequential dot showing "llama.begin" or something, highlight the current location (base computer) or ship (in-flight) using color, font, fontsize, thickness, icon, and/or pulsing color. A crosshair won't work well in 3d, but it's worth considering. -bugeyedllama

I like how Homeworld's sensors mode put the ship at the center of the (spherical) coordinate system. Though this might not be appropriate for a starmap. -Shark

Color saturation indicates distance from camera []

While color should still show what an item is, the color's saturation could be less saturated and smaller if the item is supposed to be further inside the map. While rotating the 3d view, as items move closer to the camera, their colors should get more vibrant, the icons slightly larger. To provide reference on saturation, the polar grid in 3d mode could be more vibrant in the front, and less so in back. -bugeyedllama

I disagree. I think colors should be reserved for different types of objects. (i.e. ships, astronomical objects, HUD information, etc.) -Shark

Nav system/software upgrades []

Sensor and Software upgrades could let the user toggle viewing of:

  • SPEC gravity field interference (in grayscale or cloud/alpha gradients),
  • commonly used flight paths & pirated zones (past battle locations per down-map system, or up-map color coding of dangerous sectors/stars)
  • visited: stations & systems -bugeyedllama

Navigation software upgrades could let the user:

  • plot direct courses for autopilot
  • plot least-time courses for autopilot
  • plot multi-stage courses (over several jumps), with auto-targeting of each consecutive jump point upon entering the system. -bugeyedllama

News & mission view []

This layer would only be available on stations/planets.

  • Show news based on regions/stars. A number beside each star could show how many relevant news items are from there. Hovering and clicking on a star would show news for that star.
  • Show star and route to star based on news.
  • Also, search for and accept missions from the starmap.
  • Transparency of the background could allow for skinning the news/mission/pilot views of the map screen, so that it seems different depending on where it's accessed. Eg, in a news kiosk, it might have the GNN logo in the background and a reflection of the hangar or mall. In the pilot seat, it could be semitransparent like a glass tactical screen, with a slight/blurred pilot helmet reflection and the HUD actively moving behind it. Mission views could look like a Microsoft Surface(R) bar table. -bugeyedllama

Tooltips on mouse hover []

  • Sector View: on hover, Highlight jump routes connecting this star. Keep highlighting jump routes if clicked?
  • System View: on hover, Show object preview, with distance-to/name/faction/friendliness and other data, when mouse hovers over a ship or planet. For jump points, list known(visited) places at the destination (planets, stations, etc). -bugeyedllama

Other suggested improvements...

Discussion threads:

Base/Other UI

Station library []

A Station library / encyclopedia would provide a useful repository for background documents written by jackS and others, as well as providing a logical place to access the Map-screen. History articles and Race/Faction descriptions could be available from the library. - unknown

How about a Library Station? T'would be more scholarly. -Shark
Maybe Research Stations and University Planets should have the best libraries? And other places have varying collections: military stuff at military stations (except that the player is a civilian so the military is the last place you'll find out anything about the military...). - peter
No, the military could have a lot of information on the history of some aircraft, and heaps of propaganda. Different factions could invent their own versions of the history of certain events. That way, you could have a heap of different articles available at different places. It would add a lot more depth to the world. You could also use it as a form of credits for some of the developers. Many games there days are going for a 'hidden credits within the game' approach. -Aronzak

Trade subscriptions []

Subscriptions to publications that give news of trade opportunities or happenings in industry. Should be limited in scope to a particular industry or faction, but should cover a larger astronomical area than "General News", be more thorough in its coverage, as well as/or be more explicit in how it can benefit the player. -Shark and others

Describe why upgrade X cannot be installed []

In the ship upgrades screen, display a short note describing why you cannot install upgrade x (already installed/higher version installed/ship not capable etc.) - AeonOfTime

Specialized repair console []

In the ship upgrades screen, have one section specialized in repairs that lists all damaged components and makes it easy to select which ones to repair without having to click on all upgrade sections to check if there are damaged components hiding somewhere. - AeonOfTime

Expand/collapse all buttons []

In the computer screens with expandable lists, have buttons 'expand all' and 'collapse all' to be able to expand or collapse the tree of all available items without clicking on the individual sections.

Multiple-choice conversations [X]

multiple choice dialogs (at the bottom at the screen, or as a pop-up, I don't know) that'd give writers a lot of flexibility. Besides empowering writers with the ability to do actual dialogs, it gives player the ability to negotiate, to investigate, to strike special deals, to add fine points to a mission--everything you can think of. And of course, multiple choice still can do the 'yes' and 'no'. - CubOfJudahsLion

Cargo/ship/upgrade/weapon compare screen []

As the title already states a screen where it is possible to compare the various items. Maybe having the separations cargos, ships, upgrades, weapons as they all have their special attributes and more important infos. - unknown

Sort mission list by destination []

In the mission screen, add a button that sorts the missions by destination. Or at least sort the missions by destination rather than alphabetically within their categories. that way users can accept multiple missions which go to the same target system. -Thawn

Discussion threads:

Economic index []

It would be nice if there was some kind of economic index, so you could tell what the buying and selling prices are for a given commodity. That way, when you are on a base that seems to have a lot of seafood, you can tell whether or not you're being ripped off. Maybe it should also just show the prices of the last time / 3 last times, otherwise it would be just too predictable. Being a newbie in space usually also means you have to find out about goods. - unknown

Maybe require some sort of a subscription-based service to provide the necessary database (see the Trade Subscriptions request). -Shark

Ship hardpoint display []

Some sort of a display showing a model of your ship, as well as all hardpoints/device slots and the equipment installed on them. Applies to the in-flight UI, as well. -Shark

Gambling mini-game []

Gambling for credits in bars. -Shark

Separate repair and refuel options []

Discussion threads:

Base UI redesigns...

Discussion threads:

Faction event history []

You should be able to see a history of faction events as a factor of time, including when a faction started or ceased to hate/love you.

Discussion threads:

Improved bar graphics []

Make the bars look better.

Discussion thread:

Other base UI issues...

Discussion threads:


Game trailer []

Create a short trailer for the game.

Discussion threads:

Voice acting [w]

Record some human voices.

Initial Discussion thread:

Voice work has begun and you can hear it in SVN.

Ongoing work is discussed here: http://forums.vega-strike.org/viewforum.php?f=29

Guidelines and a list of voice acting projects is here: Development:Audio#Voice_Acting

In-game tutorial []

Provide players with some hands-on instruction.

Discussion thread:

Racetrack []

Create a racetrack where ships can compete for money.

Some corridor type levels would be nice too. -Shark

Discussion threads:

More subdued colors []

The colors and textures in VS are too bright and saturated, IMO. See Starshatter for good use of better, more subdued colors. -Shark

Network and multiplay

Network play [Y]

The second most commonly requested feature is network play. Most people seem to want a massively multiplayer online game (MMO), and one day in the distant future this may become a reality. However, rudimentary network support is being actively developed. A "quake in space" deathmatch gametype should be available in the near future, possibly the next release.

Discussion threads:

Clan-owned stations/property []

Clan-owned headquarters and other properties that can be attacked and conquered.

Discussion threads:

Make VS an MMORPG [W]

Turn VS into an MMORPG.

Discussion threads:

Network lag meter and admin controls []

  • Discussion threads:
  • [networkNetwork lag meter and server admin controls]

Smaller, cozier universe []

And of course, theres got to be a limited numbers of systems(25-40) on the game universe so you will not end up with 99% unexplored areas with everyone getting lost in the long run. -Paslowo

Rare astronomical phenomena []

Rapid binary stars, neutron stars, black holes, etc. But rare.

Discussion threads:

Escape pods and insurance []

Modifications to how players deaths are implemented.

Discussion threads:

Under the hood

Unlock display and minimize game []

Define a key (such as Alt_Tab) that will release the mouse cursor, pause the game, and minimize the window/switch back to the x-server in linux or the regular display in Windows. --[User:Bugeyedllama|Bugeyedllama]

  • Alternative: Confine the mouse to the vegastrike window, and let the window switch away from fullscreen. "X" could pause the game and release the mouse.

Serial port communications for custom controls and displays []

Send ship information such as shield strength, the status of upgraded components, allied and enemy ship lock, etc., across a serial connection to a microcontroller such as the Arduino to be displayed via LCD screen(s) and LEDs. In addition, make Vega Strike able to receive information back from the microcontroller across the same serial connection so that toggle and rotary switches, keypads, potentiometers, pressure sensors, buttons, etc., could be used to control certain ship functions, such as weapon selection, pilot ejection, communications, etc. -scienceguy8

Discussion threads:

Switch to Lua instead of Python [R]

Translate all Python code to the Lua scripting language. -Shark

Discussion threads:

In-game configuration console []

An configuration interface accessible from within the game (and thus platform independent as well).

What one should be able to configure:

  • Key bindings (by pressing them, not writing something code-like)
  • Joystick and mouse configuration
  • Basic graphic settings
  • ....
  • "Data Reload" button, so you could modify things in the units.csv and hit 'reload' to see changes without having to reopen the game. -Jesse_the_Midget

Discussion threads:

Mission editor []

Create a dedicated tool to make it easier for people to script missions.

Discussion threads:

Use sqlite for managing data []

Discussion threads:

"Lite" version of VS []

Create a "light" version of the game that takes up less disk space and can be distributed more easily.

Discussion threads:

Support 64-bit Windows []

Add support for 64-bit versions of Windows.

Discussion topics:

VS as benchmark program []

VS can be used to benchmark video card performance.

Discussion threads:

Multimonitor support []

Native support for multiple monitors, including monitors with specialized purposes.

Discussion threads:

More options/variability in system generator []

Discussion threads:

Lists of requests/suggestions

Discussion threads:

See also

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