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I extracted the archive, but when I try to run Vegastrike I get a "program error"

A: Follow the updated instructions on the download page --

After extracting the compressed file, you must go into the "bin" folder and install the VC8 runtimes by running the "vcredist_x86.exe" installer program. Then, run the program named "Setup.exe". After you have enabled the proper settings, you may run "Vegastrike.exe" which will load the game.

I just launched and now my ship controls seem much more sluggish than when I docked

A: Pay attention to cargo mass and density -- a ship full of cargo doesn't maneuver as well as an empty one. As to why this may seem a sudden surprise, while VS 0.4.3 likewise took cargo mass into account, the cargo definitions in 0.4.3 gave all cargo the density of Styrofoam packing peanuts -- with more appropriate cargo volumes and masses, 0.5.0 cargo produces more noticeable effects.

My Overdrive doesn't seem to do anything

A: Sorry about that - this bug has been fixed in SVN source & data. If you're playing the 0.5.0 beta1, the Overdrives are broken.

I can't dock to this #!!**! capital ship because it's in SPEC!

A: We're really sorry about this one. In 0.5.0 beta1, there's no way around this. We've since added a feature whereby friendly/neutral ships will drop out of SPEC for a brief while (~20 seconds) if you hail them with a docking request. You may hail them again to reset the timer if this is too short a time to reach them.

I'm SPECing along and I try to dock to XYZ, but it won't let me

A: Docking while in SPEC is now disabled. Our apologies for not documenting this clearly. For the release, we'll have to make (acknowledged) docking requests bring ships out of SPEC so that you can dock with them. For the moment, there's the (less than desirable) option of following SPECing mission vessels until they make a pit stop.

In Version 0.4.3 key XYZ did FOO, but now it does BAR

A: Some of the keybindings have changed since 0.4.3, and many may still change, as our keyboard layout is somewhat suboptimal. Please take the time, when possible, to document which keys actually do what in the Manual whenever the Manual is in error/is outdated so that it can be made up-to-date for the release.

I hit '~' thinking I'd do a "Shelton slide" and now I can't get my ship to slow down

A: '~' is now a toggle for deactivating thrust/vector compensation (i.e. flight computer). Press it again to go back to normal operating mode. One of these days, there'll be an indicator light.

My ship is in some weird mode (not responding to controls, not slowing down, or set speed is 100x as high as expected)

A: There are currently no indicator lights for (respectively) the autopilot, flight computer toggle, and maneuver/travel mode toggles. We are aware of this, and will eventually rectify said situation.

XYZ doesn't work when I use time compression (F9) (AKA "Please Don't Use Time Compression")

A: Time compression is for debugging purposes only. Please don't use time compression. The keybindings for TC will be reclaimed for something else for the final release

But getting from <somewhere> to <somewhere else> takes longer without time compression

A: We have an autopilot ('a'). It uses SPEC, will attempt to take a path avoiding SPEC-impeding gravity wells, and will turn itself off when you're a pleasant distance away from your target object. If you're really stuck somewhere, turn it on and stretch, blink, and get a glass of water. Time compression is not now, and will not be, a supported feature. Please wean yourselves of it.

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