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Universe files and system co-exist to specify all the planets and systems in the galaxy.

The universe file with all the data is the "master" file. It is what missions will reference when trying to find the shortest route from one system to the next, or what will determine on the nav screen where you can jump to.

The *.system files, however, serve two purposes.

In the sectors directory within the root folder, they are system files that are expected to match their descriptions in the universe file, but also are allowed to have more specifics about the types of bases and planets.

In your home folder, system files are autogenerated from the data in the universe file if they are not already found.

This method of organization allows campaign systems to be customized (often this is done by tweaking the autogenerated system) without requiring all systems (there are quite a lot in the vegastrike universe) to take up extra hard disk space.

Editing Systems

The star systems in VegaStrike are defined in System Files. These files can be either created manually, or are generated from the universe/milky_way.xml file.

The System files can are found in several places in your Vega Strike data directory:

  • Inside your .vegastrike directory. This is where the automatically-generated files go after being created. These files are .system files and are generated from the universe/milky_way.xml file.
  • Inside your sectors directory. This is where you want your very specific custom files to go, for example Sol. For creating your own systems, store the .system files here. It is perferred that you do not use the .vegastrike directory for storing hand-made systems.

Adding Systems

There are two ways of editing and creating star systems;


  • Using the universe/milky_way.xml file we can autogenerate systems. When using a fixed random number seed, the same system will be generated each time.
  • To create a specific system with very specific orbits, etc, we can manually edit and create system files.

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