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Install Wings3D and the Wings Export Plugin

Download Wings3D

  • Download the latest STABLE release of Wings 3D from the website.
    Unstable versions may work and may have more features, but they may also be more unstable (obviously);
  • Follow the installation instruction;
  • For a downloadable manual see here;
  • Mandrake users see here

Get and install the Xmesh Export Plugin

Stable Plugin

New users use this.

Download the latest stable release (1.5a) (located here:

  • For Wings3D before 0.98.16:
    • Extract the compressed file into your Wings3D application directory;
    • Check if all .beam-files have the right permissions (chmod 644);
    • Start Wings3D.
  • For Wings3D 0.98.16 and following:
    • Start Wings3D;
    • Select the [Install Plug-In] option in the [File]-menu and select the .tgz file you downloaded.

For Mac OSX version of Wings3d

  • Extract the two files e3d_xmesh.beam and wpc_xmesh.beam either from the nightly download or from the expanded files in the stable .zip package.
    You'll need to right-click mouse_button_right_small.png on the Wings3d application and click [show package contents], then navigate to
    (where the x stands for the version);
  • Copy all of the .beam-files into the directory
    or wherever the plugins directory is located;
  • Start Wings3D.

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