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The navigation computer interface is a screen that is accessed with the [Shift+M] key (in the default setup). It offers navigational help like a starmap for sectors and current system, some status information, and a navigation computer where one can find systems and save routes.


You need to supply to the game:

  • a mesh for the nav computer, called console.bfxm, in /data/meshes/nav/default folder.
  • a mesh for the buttons, called b_generic.bfxm, in /data/meshes/nav/default folder.
  • textures for console and button as specified in the mesh file, in /data/textures/nav/default folder.

The mesh sources are created from:

  • console.xmesh, to be found in /masters/meshes/nav/default.
  • b_generic.xmesh, to be found in /masters/meshes/nav/default.
  • master textures in /data/textures/nav/default.


The following requirements apply: