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This is the wiki page of Elite Strike, a modification for Vega Strike (based on the popular Privateer Remake MOD.) Elite Strike currently features original retro ship art by Bálint Szilárd and music by George Hooper.



To Do for 0.1 Alpha:

  • Fix save files up so you don't start next to the sun [done]
  • Fix extreme unit scale issues [done]
  • Make ships buyable
  • Make patch apply to Privateer Remake 1.2

To Do (ongoing):

  • Add the rest of the models from the original elites
  • Add more models from frontier and FFE
  • Make unit scales conform exactly to Elite standards
  • Give the ships proper stats
  • Restrict weapon types to lasers and missiles
  • Remove/replace all privateer content
  • Rework universe data to conform to the Elite universe... perhaps this will be easier if vega strike is used as a base again.


This manual documents the changes between the privateer remake controls and the Elite Strike controls. Please refer to the Privateer Remake manual for all other keys.

  • left arrow = roll left
  • right arrow = roll right
  • < = yaw left
  • > = yaw right
  • shift+a = spec (because time compression can be buggy sometimes)

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