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Quitting and exiting the game may be accomplished in two ways. While in flight, press ESC_GENERAL.png. This brings up the quit function in the background operation of Vega Strike. Pressing Q_EN.png will then quit the game. Otherwise, press ESC_GENERAL.png again to return to normal flight.

To quit from a base, enter a base computer screen and access the In Game Menu.


To pause during play, select either PAUSE_EN.png or use pipe SHIFT_LEFT_EN.png BACKSLASH_EN.png. Press again to resume play.


Time compression speeds up the passing of time in Vega Strike. This is useful when a developer requires time to pass quickly. This could occur where a pilot is manually flying toward a target, or waiting for the fuel bars to regenerate to full.

Press F9_GENERAL.png to activate or increase, and F10_GENERAL.png to deactivate.

Note: This Function is Disabled in v0.5.0 and Subsequent Versions


Both music and sound are an integral feature of Vega Strike, providing the right mood and atmosphere; whether on a base, in the middle of space or a major battle. While initial settings for volume are determined at configuration, these settings can be adjusted in game. The player may also skip any music track being currently played.

Music Controls

  • SHIFT_LEFT_EN.png S_EN.png = Skip Music Track
  • DOT_EN.png = Sound Volume Up
  • COMMA_EN.png = Sound Volume Down
  • SHIFT_LEFT_EN.png DOT_EN.png = Music Volume Up
  • SHIFT_LEFT_EN.png COMMA_EN.png = Music Volume Down

arrow_left.png Tractor beam arrow_up.png Manual Tutorial arrow_right.png