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For the history and theory of interstellar travel, jump drives and wormholes, please refer to scientific literature. Here, we discuss the basics and mechanics of how to travel between the stars.

Interstellar travel is accomplished via jump points to access singularities formed between two previously weakened points in the space-time continuum, joining the two points in interstellar space. These singularities (commonly named wormholes) permanently connect one point in one solar system to another point in another system. There are also certain wormholes rumored to randomly connect two points at random times.

Once a wormhole has been discovered and mapped, it is marked on star charts as a targetable point. An inactive wormhole appears as a wire-frame disk in your HUD. An active, stable wormhole appears as a red whirlpool, while an unstable, random destination wormhole is multi-colored (ED: this feature currently disabled [Player: No, it's not. Any wormhole can change at any time to be multi-colored.]).

To activate a jump point, you must be equipped with a jump drive.

Jump drives

Jump drives use gravitic technology to breach the event horizon of the singularity. This 'opens' the wormhole, allowing anything within a certain range of the jump drive to travel into the singularity.

To transit from system to system, target and approach the wormhole leading to your chosen destination. When your ship is jump-drive equipped, and you are close enough to the wormhole, a jump indicator jump.png will appear in your HUD. Activate your jump drive at this point by pressing J_EN.png. The wormhole will become active, and you should then propel your ship into the open wormhole under normal drive. For best results, approach the wormhole directly, not from its side.

Final note

Your starting ship is not equipped with a jump drive at start of play. As such, you are only capable of in-system travel. You must acquire a jump drive to travel between the stars.

Advanced maneuver

There have been unconfirmed reports of a maneuver called the 'Coattail Jump'. It is believed that one ship would activate a wormhole, while another ship rides the coattail of the first ship into the singularity. It is believed that the second ship is remaining within the sphere of influence of the jump drive of the first ship.

Should this maneuver be confirmed, please report the precise occurrence to your local authorities.

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