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Just as in ancient times, the ability to navigate required more than just seeing what was around you. Navigation also required accurate maps depicting locations over the horizon and dangers hidden away out of view. In spatial navigation, the importance of maps is magnified greatly, as sight alone is all too limited (one cannot usually see an orbital station from a planet's surface, let alone another planet).

Further still, while it is possible to navigate around a solar system using targeting data only, traveling from system to system in the Vega Strike universe would be aimless wandering without adequate maps to provide navigational data. Finding a single system would be near impossible, without reference to a map of the stars.

The Map Screen may only be activated while in-flight. The Map Screen is activated/deactivated by pressing SHIFT_LEFT_EN.png M_EN.png. It appears superimposed over the cockpit view or HUD.

The Map Screen consists of a viewscreen located on the left, and a series of activation buttons to the right. Clicking on the [Nav/Info] button toggles between the Statistical Mode and Map Mode. From Map Mode the Navigation Computer can also be activated.

FIXME Small buttons still needed for this. See VsWiki:Templates#Interface_buttons

When activated, this function defaults to the Statistical Mode. This is the screen that initially appeared when starting Vega Strike. This screen provides the basic information required to play the game. It is a condensed form of the more common functions mentioned in this manual. Note that on re-activating the Map Screen, whichever mode was last viewed is the one that appears.

arrow_left.png HUD arrow_up.png Manual Statistical Mode arrow_right.png