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Vega Strike Music

Vega Strike features a varied and powerful score of music produced specifically for use within the Vega Strike game. For people who like their own choice of music, Vega Strike has the capability to read various music formats and play them ingame - that is, you can insert your own music score.

For guidance on how to pre-configure sound and music volume please refer to the Manual Configuration page.

Inserting Your Own Music

Vega Strike allows you to use your own music files as background music within the game.

Useable File formats



Playlist Files

These lists contain all of the playlist files.


  • agricultural.m3u
  • asteroids.m3u
  • carribean.m3u
  • commerce_center.m3u
  • factory.m3u
  • ice.m3u
  • industrial.m3u
  • military.m3u
  • ocean.m3u
  • starfortress.m3u


  • aera.m3u
  • aerabattle.m3u
  • battle.m3u
  • galacticbattle.m3u
  • iso.m3u
  • isobattle.m3u
  • launch.m3u
  • loss.m3u
  • panic.m3u
  • peace.m3u
  • terran.m3u
  • terranbattle.m3u
  • unit.m3u
  • unit_pirate.m3u
  • university.m3u
  • victory.m3u


  • news.m3u

Playlist Format

The Playlist format is simple. Each playlist filename is in the format name.m3u. Within each Playlist are lines noting the location of all music files for that playlist:

<path to music file>
<path to music file>
<path to music file>

Example: peace.m3u:


Step by Step Process

  1. Obtain your audio files and ensure they are in a usable format;
  2. Copy them to the music directory of Vega Strike (i.e .../vegastrike/music/). If you place them elsewhere you just need more detail in the entries of the playlist;
  3. Edit the playlists to point to your files. The playlists may be located in the .vegastrike directory in your home directory, or in the .vegastrike subdirectory within your vegastrike data directory (e.g. /usr/share/vegastrike/.vegastrike).

When the music of that playlist is called for, it will then choose from your new music selection!.

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