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Commandline/Direct-Start (all users)

All the Vega Strike savegames are in your home directory under .vegastrike (or in the vegastrike directory under .vegastrike under windows). Change the save game by editing the file save.txt. The file is called save.4.x.txt in Vegastrike4.x.

Mac users

...should do the following (because .vegastrike is a hidden directory):

  1. In the finder choose Go To Folder from the Go menu.
  2. Type ~/.vegastrike to open the vegastrike folder in a Finder window
  3. Drag the folder from the title bar of the Finder window while holding down the ALT_EN.png and (command) APPLE_GENERAL.png keys to make an alias of this folder on your Desktop.

Launcher (windows/linux/unix)


There should be a program named "Launcher" in the vegastrike directory or Start Menu. This program provides a list of game choices:

Start New Pilot

To start a new pilot (game) in the Vega Strike universe, select this button. If no scenario has been selected beforehand (below), this button loads the default Exploring the Universe scenario.

You start with a dinged up old Llama and head from your starting sector with the hope of finding profit and adventure on the frontier.

Play Saved Pilot

This button loads the selected saved pilot to load into Vega Strike.

Continue Last Game

This button loads your last saved pilot automatically into Vega Strike. If you do not choose a mission, you will start in the standard trading/bounty hunting mission. Differs from Play Saved Pilot in that you do not choose which saved game to load.

Game Settings

This button accesses Vega Strike’s game settings for configuration. Refer to Config for information on configuration selections.

Recover from Autosave

This button allows a player to recover their most recently played game into the selected save game upon next run. If the player quits or the player docks, and then dies, it will restore to the last saved position.

Change Scenario

This allows you to select which Vega Strike scenario to play. To select, highlight the requested scenario and click “OK�?. Once selected, you start the scenario by selecting Start New Pilot Most scenarios do not involve save games and will ignore those options. Note that the default scenario will utilize the save game you specify. If you ignore this option you default to the standard Exploring the Universe scenario.


Pop up help window with this information.

Exit Launcher

Exits the launcher.

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