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We recently (on May 1, 2008) moved the data4.x repository to "data". This has instructions on how to update your repository without checking out everything again.

NOTE: Do not follow these steps if you checked out the whole top-level folder. A simple SVN Update "Omit Externals" or "--ignore-externals" (command-line) when you update should do the trick.

ANOTHER NOTE: If you have a limited amount of bandwidth or a slow internet connection, make a copy of your original "data4.x" before doing this--it may corrupt your whole data directory if it goes wrong

Please write on the Discussion page, or post on the forums if this process fails or is confusing in any way!

Updating your existing data4.x repository

The process is slightly different for each platform, because we now store binaries in a different place.

Windows Users

Here are the steps to modify your working directory on windows (using Tortoise SVN):

I have only tested this on [Tortoise SVN 1.4.8 / subversion 1.4.6].

Do not use SVN Switch unless you need to--it may decide to delete your whole directory for no reason if you do this wrong... however if you use SVN Switch, make sure to be all the way up-to-date (At least revision 12226) before completing this process.

Make some empty text files and folders inside your "data" folder--that should go a long way to preventing Subversion from deleting your data folder if something were to go wrong.

  1. Make an empty folder called "win32" (put this outside of data4.x). Right click on it and select "SVN Checkout..."
  2. Type the URL
  3. Make sure "Omit Externals" box is checked! Otherwise it will helpfully download your whole data directory again.
  4. Leave the checkout folder as is.
  5. You should see it downloading binaries.
  6. Rename your data4.x folder to be called "data".
  7. Drag the "data" folder inside of win32.
  8. Now, run "SVN Update" on the 'win32' folder
  9. You should only see a few changes (as from a normal SVN download).
  10. If you get pages and pages of "Deleted" files, you might want to stop it before it's too late. Otherwise, congratulations: The update process is complete.

Mac OSX users

I'm assuming you followed a tutorial similar to HowTo:Checkout_SVNMac and that you already have "svn" or "/usr/local/bin/svn" installed.

For the Mac, this process is not as simple as the windows one. First, right/control click on your Vega Strike .app that you downloaded, click "Show package contents". Open Contents, and drag "Resources" to the desktop (this is the same folder you put there when you initially checked out your version).

Now go into a console and run (you can copy and paste this):

svn checkout --ignore-externals
mv ~/Desktop/Resources mac/

If all works according to plan, you should only have to download a few files ("Framework" directories) and binaries in "MacOS".

Linux and users building from source

Go inside of data4.x from a Terminal. Then run:

svn switch

If it gives you an error because you are not using https, the easiest way is to type "svn info" from inside of data4.x, copy the "URL" field, and paste that with the "4.x" removed.

Now, type "svn update". If you do not get an error, the update is complete.