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Species data
Homeworld (Origin) Earth in Sol system
Age of spaceflight 1319 ESY
Physical characteristics 1.9m (tall)
Limbs: 4
Life span 125-150 ESY
Habitat Oxygen-Nitrogen
Number scheme Radix 10



  • Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Faction with highest population percentage: Purists)
  • Homo Sapiens Superioris (Faction with highest population percentage: Shapers)
  • Homo Sapiens Cyberis (Faction with highest population percentage: Mechanists)
  • Homo Sapiens Pluralis (Faction with highest population percentage: Andolians)
  • Homo Sapiens Suprahomo (defunct)
  • Homo Sapiens Cosmonatalis (Faction with highest population percentage: Spaceborn)

Physical characteristics

Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Although small changes have occurred over the millennia, a great percentage of the human population remains without intentional genetic or physical modification, and thus remains not too far removed from the humans of more ancient history. Whether through simple lack of resources, lack of desire, or rejection of change, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, unmodified except for the genetic drifts incurred over centuries of colonization, remains the most populous of the human subspecies.

Homo Sapiens Superioris

Many eugenics programs have been launched in human history, but none have been so successful. The path of self-affected evolution via active genetic redesign has lead to a strain of humanity stronger, more durable, more resistant to disease and injury, of higher average intelligence, enjoying longer life-spans, and possessing keener senses.
Assuming that the universally ink-black UV-resistant skin and complete lack of any hair other than the signature blue-white eye-brows is not disconcerting, any Superioris is almost certain to be considered physically beautiful, but it takes some experience to discern one Superioris from another. However, these benefits come at the cost of much higher sustenance requirements, and a tremendous narrowing of diversity.

Homo Sapiens Cyberis

Having replaced many of their body parts with mechanical equivalents, or having forgone any pretense of human form, these cyborgs cover a diverse and vibrant set of body types. Those with total body replacement can usually pass anything short of close inspection if they're willing to deal with maintenance of a synthetic flesh exterior. If the goal is, as is often the case, to adapt the body to the demands of work or habitat, anything from mining attachments to full strength-enhancing endoskeletons could be an integral part of the form. Locomotion seen to date ranges from bipedal to poly-pedal, tracked, wheeled, or even sets of thrusters. In addition, this sort of technical enhancement may provide the ability to extend one's lifespan indefinitely if the base neurological systems have already been altered to be non-senescent (provided one has access to regular maintenance service). However, no matter how modified they may be, at the least, portions of their brains and nervous systems remain.
While communities of such modified humans exist on the worlds of many factions, the Mechanist faction is the only full-fledged meme-group centered upon the post-flesh goals of Homo Sapiens Cyberis.

Homo Sapiens Pluralis

While various communities have arisen that rely upon linked existences, none save the Andolians have sufficiently differentiated themselves en masse from the rest of humanity to be a discernable grouping. Implanted at birth with hardware that allows data-net access and an array of almost constantly transmitting sensors, a permanently linked existence has rendered this strain of humanity notably different in culture and mentality from all other strains.
While every Pluralis retains its individuality, each is awash in a similarly accessible sea of information. Culling from the group of those not capable of entering into such an existence combined with a willingness to engage in limited crafting of offspring has also lead to small but noticeable genetic drift over the past 800 years. Implantation is universal, and the use of synthetic or mechanically enhanced body modifications is not uncommon, but the desire for total body replacement present in the Cyberis strain is absent.
The linked existence and general cultural proclivities of the Andolians have brought them to near unity on their religious doctrine. While an Andolian would refer to his/herself as a devout skeptic existing in the absence of proof of the metaphysical, many others find it simpler to call them Atheists.
While not overly concerned with improving the physical form, health-related genetic traits deemed undesireable have been recorded and then excised from the gene pool. When isolated for long periods of time from any data-net, Pluralis individuals often experience pronounced withdrawal symptoms, earning them the nickname "Link-Junkies".

Homo Sapiens Suprahomo (Lightbearers)

(Nearly Extinct)

One of the earlier factions to aggressively expand outward in the FTL era were the Lightbearers, a meme-group built around the development of a supra-human race. Believing the human form to be the sacred forefront of evolution in the entire galaxy, they sought to claim the place of their distilled and purified strain at the throne of all sentients. They were driven to near-extinction by the Andolians during the Fraternal War.

Homo Sapiens Cosmonatalis

Crafted as a slave race by the now defunct Light-Bearer faction, the Spaceborn, as they are commonly referred, remain frail and over-specialized, incapable of surviving in planetary environments. Instead, as they were designed, they spend their entire lives in micro-gravity. The Spaceborn have a unique cardiovascular system superbly tuned to life outside of a gravity well.
Their bone structure, however, is a less cheery affair, and the Spaceborn, though not suffering the degenerative effects of planetborn entities in prolonged micro-gravity, never had much durability in the first place and are weaker and more easily injured. They are almost universally tall, lanky, and flexible, and all are possessed of a rather pallid complexion tending toward a slight reddishness. Spaceborn frequently begin developing severe medical problems between the age of 60-80 Earth years, giving them a somewhat shorter life expectancy than that of the other subspecies.
Almost all Spaceborn live in habitats situated in Andolian Protectorate space, having relocated from Light-Bearer space after liberation from that faction.


Originating on the third world of the Sol system, all variants of humanity, even Homo Sapiens Cyberis, are most comfortable in Oxygen-Nitrogen atmospheres, and temperatures not overly distant from 294 Kelvin.


Listed below are links to noteworthy human Meme-groups, organizations, and governments:



Among the most mixed and varied in the known galaxy, running the gamut from atheists to zealots. Refer to the individual groups for more information.

Number scheme

Base 10.

See also

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