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  • Silverain 22:21, 21 Mar 2005 (PST) I recommend moving around the following links. Use the Create Ships page as an overall summary page, that reads something along the lines of the process to create a ship and all extras, ready to be imported to the game.
    • link points removed as now in HowTos page Silverain 19:46, 22 Mar 2005 (PST)
  • Pontiac Good idea, but i think [HowTo:Add Warp Trails|Making autopiloting leave behind star dust] should not be under "Create Ships". I'm not sure about htis though.
  • Pontiac A general cleanup of the howtos and howto-seperation where needed would be a good thing as well.

  • Silverain 19:46, 22 Mar 2005 (PST) What would be the necessary steps to get a ship ingame?
  1. create model (in wings3d)
    1. include additional items (weapon & turret points, engines etc)
    2. create UV map
  2. save file as a wings file
  3. use wings3d to export above file to xmesh
  4. use mesher to convert file to bfxm
  5. create line in units.csv

what am I missing?

  • Pontiac I really like the steps you posted above. But on an eadditional note: We need to make sure to have all possible ways to do ships/units for Vegastrike.
    A general way would look like this:
  1. Create model
    1. UV map (depends on modeler)
    2. Place special geoemtry (=tags) (optional, depends on modeler)
  2. Convert to xmesh AND/OR bfxm
  3. create line for units.csv (or xunit = old way)
  • Ways that are possible now Pontiac :
    • Wings3D
      In wings it is possible to place the tags right now and export to xmesh/obj + tag-dataway (Wings3d,
    • Blender
      xmesh export plugin exists (what does it do)?
    • obj2obj converter script
      This is my doing, but not yet finished. The plan is to hand an exiting OBJ (including tags) to it and you get the cleaned (no tags) obj-file and the tag-data (cvs-line / xunit) as an output.
      • Will finish this soon. I think this will prove quite usefull once done, since we will be completly independent from a specifiy modeler.
    • more?
  • Pontiac Summary: The problem right now is (as my list states) that we have alot (too many?) way to do ships/units for Vegastrike.
    • Silverain 14:46, 23 Mar 2005 (PST) So we just record one main way in detail (Wings3D), with extra information for the next most common (Blender). Usually, anyone who uses any other modeller actually has some idea of what they are doing, and would be able to work out the details from the above. My thoughts were a dummies guide for someone who has never used a modeler at all (ME!). Read this How To and follow step by step and I've created a model with all necessary bits to put it directly ingame.
      • Pontiac 01:17, 24 Mar 2005 (PST) That sounds like a good idea. Most of the ppl who do alot of modelling artwork right now already know what to do. On a sidenote: Right now it seems that most of the conversion-stuff and stats-generation is done by the core team (JackS?)

Re-organization of modelling HowTos

I just finished re-organizing the modelling HowTos. I'm trying to make it follow the general workflow of creating a model and getting it in-game, as outlined in the topmost article HowTo:Add Ships. -Halleck 00:59, 15 April 2006 (PDT)