Trading System Design

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This page should be dedicated to design a new trading system, that would make the Vega Strike universe more believable, dynamic and fun to play.


The problems with current system:

  • The pricing is too uniform
  • Player or NPC actions are not affecting the System
  • Supply/Demand is not reflected
  • Blockade is not implemented
  • Resources are not affecting the Objects - Planets/Bases/Ships

Required features

The solutions and the spirit of the new system:

  • A dynamic universe in which player can leave its mark
  • Great fortunes made on opportunity Trades, and Blockade breaking
  • New possibilities for mission generation and AI opportunities
  • Killing entire factions by disabling "one minor trading route"
  • Saving entire base population by delivering a critical O2 package in time

The Design

  • Cargo groups
    • Price modifiers for cargo groups
  • Object types
    • Planets
      • Modifiers for planet types
    • Bases
      • Modifiers for base types
    • Ships
      • Modifiers for ship types
  • Price formulas
  • Availability modifiers
    • Produces [ware] - means the object (planet, ship or station) produces defined number of items per day
      • One item per defined time could be nicer to look at, but harder to implement?
    • Consumes [wares] - means the object (planet, ship or station) consumes defined number of items per day.
      • If failed should disable defined availability modifier. This allows for production only if required raw materials are provided.
      • Would re-enable the availability modifier only when required enabling modifiers are met. I.E. if ore runs out no more steel is produced until more ore is delivered. If oxygen runs out no more steel is produced until more oxygen and a new batch of workers is delivered.
      • Should allow defining more than one ware with individual number.
    • Processing
      • The "Consumes" availability modifiers should be processed first, and only then the still enabled "Produces" modifiers should be processed.