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Identifier: jackS

Job: Minister of Information

TO DO LIST jackS 09:08, 13 September 2007 (PDT)

  • Perform bug review for VS
  • Oversee data set rebalancing
  • Complete writing of VS backstory
  • Transfer development notes into usable format(s)
  • Complete writing of attendent user-visible wiki pages relating to the above.
  • Generate data set design documents
  • Art style guides
  • Update submission / comission guidelines/process
  • Synchronize request/status data with generic wiki list-o-stuff
  • Oversee generation of concept art
  • Review existing submissions
  • Poke known artists
  • Keep up to date with Klauss whenever he finds time to look at the new damage model.
  • Read/Update SVN ToDo.txt
  • Exercise
  • Find out when others are using the fitness center, co-ordinate
  • Thesis proposal
  • Spend time with S.O.


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