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This page is severely outdated. If your name's not here, trust us - it's not out of spite, this page is just going to take a lot of editing to be worthwhile.
A thought - there should also probably (at some point) be an "Content Credits" page which associates particular pieces of 2D, 3D and Musical art with their creator (I suggest indexing by artist).

Project Leads

Name Roles
Daniel Horn VS Creator. Original Mover. Head honcho. Big cheese (though he's not big on cheese). Many years and mountains of code later, he's still here and we wouldn't be without him. Fortunately for all of us, we don't let him make all the models in Emacs anymore ;-).
Patrick Horn Lead Python developer, lead networking developer.
Jack Sampson Vega Strike Minister of Information. Arbiter of canon. Herder of cats (Executive Art Director). VS fiction lead. Auxiliary code mangler.


Alan Shieh One of the "back in the day" VS fogies, Alan has gone on to discover he actually liked being outside when not working towards his Ph.D. Last seen kayaking, biking, and publishing papers (or something like that).

Lead Programmers

Name Contributions
Claudio Freire From work on graphics and sound to the twines of code at the beating heart of the VS engine. Currently working on moving the graphical backend to OGRE.

Supporting Programmers

Name Contributions
Kephra "kraehe" Code patches.
strook Ogre port and seamless planetary flight.

Python Scripting

Daniel Aleksandrow "dandandaman" Many of the python modules.

Development Utilities

"pontiac" Wings 3D art import/export program.

Coders of Yesteryear

Stephane Vaxelaire Divided up game into physics and graphics modules, worked on multiplayer infrastructure.
Alexander Rawass Joystick and config files. Wrote a scripting language for missions affectionately known as Cb ("C flat"). Worked on improving missions and scripting.
Sabarok Aresh Made Vegastrike Setup and Mission Launcher. Wrote mission selector for glut, Worked on Cargo/Docking GUI.



Strangelet, Fendorin, Dunkelheit Bases and planet backgrounds
Bálint Szilárd Various ship designs
Dandandaman, Esgaroth, Hellcatv, jackS, Klauss, Pyramid, Strangelet Planet textures
Pyramid Various cargo images
Oblivion Splash screens


Strangelet Many notable models
Etheral Walker Some key models, assorted WIPs
Tiny Paintings Various WIPs
Chuck & Coffeebot Their elevators might even go all the way to the top ;-)
Pontiac Assorted Models, many WIPs

Graphical Design

Aazelone 'Zaydana' Pyoleri Logo design and future website prototyping.


Ken Seguro



Turbo Oswald tutorial speech, Aera alien and translator speech
CLoneWolf Andolian speech voice acting


H.E. Day 3D Modeler and texturing professional. Ushered in new quality levels for 0.4.x 3D art. Explosions, cockpits, Rlaan, Aera, and Confederation craft that are likely to remain with us for some time. Left to work on his own project.
Cub of Judah's Lion Some darn good art - and he still stops by on occasion.

Artists of Yesteryear

PeteyG Wrote much base music, did many models and textures (including our beloved Llama).
Electrotech 3D modeling (derivative convolution determinant, ... ) in data 0.4.0 - 0.4.3.
Duality Terran light map redo and assorted artwork.
Jeff Graw Did lots of backgrounds and assorted artwork improvement to 0.3.x. Did comm voices.
Jason Winzenried 3D modeling, cockpit and various starships.
Marcel Paré Modeling, 0.3.x ship database.
Fire Hawk 3D Modeling
Martin Baldwin Worked on game map for 0.3.x
Kinnear Penman Fixed OpenAL sound to work in XP, and made PiMp Installer Script! Art...fiction
RearAdmiralTolwyn 3D modeling (Longhaul, Katar, Khanjarli) 0.3.x
Henrik Eklund Celeste story, (0.3.x intro)
f109 Vampire 3D modeling, 0.3.x (f109 Vampire, others)
James Carthew 3D modeling 0.2.x? - 0.3.x. Made Missile models and Sol system and Drone model and jump portal. Fixed SDL version in 0.2.9.
Spiner Modeling, 0.3.x (Solar Glares and Asteroid base)
Julien Chateau Modeling
Tobias Wollgarn, Major A Payne & Somall Made Vegastrike sounds (from scratch)

Testing / Support

Name Contribution
Eagle-1 Testing (Multiplayer)

Web Development

Name Contribution
Matthew Kruer Created the Website, installed and configured various aspects of the site (Gallery, Fourms, etc...) Curently working on Wing Commander: The Wasteland Incident MOD for the VegaStrike Engine

arrow_left.png Features arrow_up.png Manual Installing the game arrow_right.png