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Translations of the wiki can really help out new users from other countries. We currently have a strong German translation, as well as some beginning efforts at French, Spanish and Polish translations.

For this page, examples will use Lc. Lc is the language code you are translating to (i.e. De, Fr, En).

Starting a new language

This process is not too hard.

  • First, edit the Language bar template to include your language (copy and paste an existing example).
  • Second, create Template:Lc, which contains the name of your language (i.e. Template:De contains "Deutsch").
  • Third, create Template:Translation_Message:Lc that contains a translation of "This page exists in multiple languages". See Template:Translation_Message:En for an English example.

Translating of a page

If the language bar does not yet exist

Edit the English page, and add the following code at the top:

{{Languages|En|English Title of Page}}

If it works out correctly, you should see a language bar at the top of the page, for example:

View this site in other languages:   DeutschEnglishFrançaisEspañolPolskiItalianoNederlandsРуccкий简体中文

Linking to the translation

The language bar will link to Lc:English Title. You must use redirects to make the name friendlier. There are two ways to do this: The best way is to create a page at Lc:English Title (start out with the language bar below). Then, use the "MOVE" button, and move it to Lc:Translated Title. This will set up the proper redirect.

Manually redirecting a page

If the move button does not work, or if the translated page already exists, you must use the #REDIRECT syntax.

You can do this manually by creating your translated page at Lc:Translated Title, and then create the Lc:English Title page with the contents:

#REDIRECT [[Lc:Translated Title]]

Creating the translated page

To add a translation of an existing page, you need to add a language bar, like you did for the English page, except with the proper Language code:

{{Languages|Lc|English Page}}

Then, start translating (I recommend copying the Wiki-text of the English page as a starting point).

It's fairly complicated to get right the first time, so the Manual page and the German translation, De:Handbuch (and the English title De:Manual) provide a good working example of this process. However, it should become simple if you get used to it.