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Faction data
Species Bzbr
Homeworld (Origin) Fixme?
Capital Fixme?

The Bzbr are a client race uplifted by the Aera. They are reasonable laborers, but poor conversationalists, in part due to their lack of vocal cords.

The Aera uplifted the Bzbr out of pity for the Bzbr due to similarities the Bzbr homeworld had with the Aera homeworld.

The Bzbr engage in significant hero worship of the Aera, although indications are that the Aera are not appreciative of this tendency. The Bzbr are wholly integrated into the Aeran Ascendency, and given extremely little self-control as a group. Aeran officials permeate their entire governmental structure, itself in parts borrowed from and imposed by the Aerans upon the existing stone-age Bzbr. The Bzbr, however, remain near universally accepting of their Aeran overlords due to a combination of religious reverence and vast improvements in their standards of living. Experiences during the Rlaan/Aera conflict found Bzbr to be even less accepting than Aerans of non-Aeran governance. Their fanatical level of religious devotion to the Aera found them to be prime subjects for guerilla actions involving the likely demise of the participants.

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