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Faction UI Color Coding

This section describes the color coding for factions used in user interfaces, e.g. on maps. The UI colors can be found in the VS game data set in the file data/factions.xml.

NOTE: The above colors do not describe the vessel texturing scheme which can be found in the section below or in the game files under data/documentation/factioninfo.csv.

Vessel Guides

Guides are organized according to the primary (though by no means sole) means by which the vessels used by the specific group are obtained. For groups with distinct internal divisions as to the origins of craft, such will be noted alongside given examples.

If you have not already done so, please read the Artstyle guide:Overview Guide before progressing to the more specific guides.

See Also

MOI Art Description Archive - JackS your "Minister Of Information" summarizes the artstyle a bit ;)