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TWHON Era: ??? to ???

Ancient Era ??? to ~2 Million BCE

  • Several Million Years BCE
Ancients A, B expand throughout this region of the galaxy, interact with at least 4-6 other groups of similar developmental level
  • ~2 Million Years BCE
Widespread cataclysms:
Abandonment of Ancient research labs on Uln homeworld
Evidence of interspecies warfare among Ancients
Slag worlds and planetary debris fields formed
Evidence suggesting that all Ancient species were rendered defunct over a very short period of time

Inheritor Era ~2 Million BCE to present (3276 CE at beginning of "Upon the Coldest Sea")

  • ~960,000 to ~830,000 BCE
Alphan/Betan sublight expansion
Conflict between Alphan and Betan species leads to development of FTL technology
Both Alphan and Betan species rendered extinct due to conflict with Nano-Plague
  • ~100,000 BCE
Rlaan Workers and Defenders speciate
  • ~13,000-11,000 BCE
Humans develop agriculture
  • 9783 BCE
Rlaan writing system formalized across entire planet
Rlaan Assembly formed

"Icarus Age" begins (11th Century BCE)

  • 11th Century BCE
Rlaan begin sublight expansion
  • 1st Century BCE
Aera begin clearing forests to create agricultural land
  • 3rd Century CE
Rlaan research into FTL re-activates Nano-Plague
Rlaan expansion halted as Rlaan recover from Nano-Plague
  • 5th Century CE
Uln reach Sul-Gatwa High Castle
Gatwa dynasty cements Ulnish supremacy
  • 15th Century CE
Rlaan finish consolidating post Nano-Plague recovery, reintegrating surviving colony worlds back into the Rlaan Assembly
Rlaan encounter the Saahasayaay homeworld
New Rlaan Assembly expansion policies instituted, including stringent requirements for core-system development before expansion
  • 18th Century CE
Uln begin sublight expansion
Negative Rlaan experiences with Saahasayaay lead them to concentrate on the construction of designer species from pre-sapients, including the Lmpl and Nuhln, rather than relying on encountering useful sapients.
  • 23rd Century CE
Death-throws of the nation-states on Earth
Increasingly cemented meme-groups
Humans begin sublight expansion
Origins of the Forsaken
  • 25th Century CE
Second generation colonies launched (Human space)
Massive construction projects common (Human space)
Cherryh station
  • 26th Century CE
Humans begin forays into jump technology, in particular, the Unadorned and Andolians
  • 27th-28th Century CE
Nano-Plague activates in Human space
Collapse of nanite-based technologies in Human space
Human societies stabilize, having adapted or failed.
"Interstellar Church of True Form's Return" founded

"Icarus Age" ENDS

"Diamond Dust Age" begins (28th Century CE)

Beginnings of human interstellar economy.
Initial formation of Merchant Cartels
Displacement of Forsaken by FTL claim-jumpers begins.
  • 29th Century CE
SPEC drive invented by Emilio Sofono
Displacement of Forsaken accelerates.
"Reconstruction period" ends
First Contact (for humans): Unadorned discover Mishtali
Joint Shaper/Light-Bearer venture discovers ancestors of Dgn and Shmrn in system dubbed "Beckett's Murky Venture".
Light-Bearers discover Ktah
Light-Bearers occupy Ktah
Andolians discover Ktah
First human interstellar conflict (later dubbed "The Fraternal War") begins
Hoshino uprising, Light-Bearer presence on Ktah neutralized, nuclear retaliation kills over 1 billion Klk'k.
Andolians liberate Ktah system
"Ktah restoration project" begins
Andolians reveal Light-Bearers' Space-Born project, muting Light-Bearer support from other factions
Widespread ramp up of space-based military assets begins (Human space)
Andolians systematically debilitate Light-Bearer faction, liberating Space-Born and Shmrn. Andolians now responsible for more human deaths than any other group in human history.
  • 30th-31st Century CE
Surviving Light-Bearers turned over to Klk'k, Space-Born, and Shmrn custody.
Light-Bearer meme-group rendered defunct
Andolians cede control of several former Light-Bearer colonies to other factions, primarily Shapers as compensation for lost investements.
Independent Shmrn colonization effort begins.
"Andolian Protectorate" established as entity in control of Andolian and Klk'k affairs
Diplomatic talks concerning the formation of "Confederation of Inhabited Worlds" begin
League of Independent Human Worlds (LIHW) formed
"Exploration period" ends

"Diamond Dust Age" ENDS

"Confederation Age" begins (31st Century CE)

Independent human meme-groups aggressively absorbed by larger meme-groups.
Andolians discover Purth, begin redesigning them
Aera encounter Bzbr, become increasingly worried about potentially abundant sentient species
Internal conflicts abate. Military buildups continue due to increased assessments of risk from potential alien sapients.
Rlaan encounter Uln
Humans (specifically Shapers) encounter Rlaan
Aera encounter Uln
Aera/Humans/Rlaan/Uln expand to each others' borders
Aera colony passage negotiations fail
Aera attempt to sneak convoy through Rlaan space
Aeran convoy destroys Rlaan civilian vessels
Aera-Rlaan war
Aera-Rlaan cease-fire
  • 3276 CE
Aera invade Forsaken space
Confederation grudgingly mobilizes to support Forsaken
Aera/Confederation enter into a state of war


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