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  • Export file format: Wavefront obj
  • Vega Strike mesh file format: bfxm
  • Triangles sorted from back to front
  • Scale: ???
  • Orientation: ???
  • Positioning: ????


Take a look at the cockpits folder. In there you see a lot of folders named blah.cpt, then within those you see a file with the same name, which you can edit to change can even specify a background image (check out the privateer remake mod on the front page for examples of how 2d cockpits could look).

xmesh is the old model format for vegastrike I think it is deprecated but still supported. What you really want to use is the .bfxm format.

Quoted hellcatv: "just get it into an obj file with the triangles sorted and we can take it from there; but you have to make sure the triangles are sorted from back to front it's a pain...but that's way it is.

I believe 3dsMax lets you sort triangles"

"the polygons must be sorted such that when viewed from the pilot's perspective, the polygons farthest away from his eyeball (in graphics people have 1 eyeball unless you have sterioscopic stuff going on) must be drawn before the polygons closer to his eyeball.

The reason is as follows: one of the major slow-down factors when drawing is reading from the video memory to see if something's behind something already drawn in teh video memory would require an extra checkc on that video memory. since cockpits fill a lot of space, this would cause great slowdown for laptops when the cockpit is drawn

so we don't do the check and hope the cockpit (viewed form 1 angle only) is already sorted for us...if polygons intersect then they must be split into the front and behind...

other than that, the cockpit is just a plain xmesh... modify the bomber_cockpit stuff so that you can just see your new mesh in action... cockpits can only have a single xmesh"


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