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For a list of available mods, see MODs. For more general information on creating content for use with the Vega Strike engine, see HowTos.

MOD support

VegaStrike has automatic support for MODs. You still have to specify ./vegastrike -Mmodname. (note that there is no space between -M and modname.

Mod support currently only works in Linux, however the source code has a Windows fix as of October 7 if someone compiles a EXE.

Workaround for Windows 0.5 Beta: Make an *empty directory* modname in the "mods" directory, and put still your modded content in ".vegastrike/mods" (which exists in the vegastrike data directory for Windows).

For windows, the easiest way to start it is to make a shortcut to the vegastrike.exe and add the "-Mmodname" into the Command Line in the shortcut properties.

The MOD must have a directory structure just like data4.x containing only files that were modified or added compared to VS data files, with a few exceptions:

  • You want to put your own copy of vegastrike.config in the mod directory.
  • To add your own units, you must modify the "UnitCSV" config option to contain "modunits.csv units.csv" or the other way around, depending on the loading priority.
    • You must therefore call your "units.csv" instead "modunits.csv" (but still in the "units" folder).
  • you just have to put the MOD directory structure in your LINUX: (~ = home) ~/.vegastrike/mods/modname or in datadir/mods/modname.

No files must exist in the mod directory, but it is usually a good idea to have a vegastrike.config (and corresponding setup.config and Version.txt).

If you add Files existing Files of VS to the Modstructure, Vegastrike loads your modded files instead of the original Vegastrike Files.

VS willused to use all the found MOD files in a standard game (no -M option) but will start using the standard config file and weapon_list file. When specifying -Mmodname on the command line, VS will start and load the MOD config file and weapon_list.xml file automatically. Doing things this way makes it hard to both enable and disable mods (think about the files it saves in the home directory which will keep getting loaded and possibly interfere with the real game or other mods), so I have disabled this to avoid confusion with two different mod systems. Patrick 18:19, 7 October 2007 (PDT)

NOTE: sectors should be in a sectors subdir (Mods:Vega Trek has sectors in Sector01, but the right place is in sectors/Sector01).



Questions on mod filesystem layout

placing Starting Location

The startlocation is saved as three floating points, and credits as another in a default savegame called "New_Game" in the datadir Folder (I recommend not in "save" Patrick 18:19, 7 October 2007 (PDT)). Easist way to change the Starting location is to save a game and copy it into the name "New_Game"


starting location of the game

Next Steps

Universe Generation

Edit Missions

Development Campaigns

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