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When your craft is disintegrating around you, you must make a split second decision: do I die, or eject from the remains to fight again another day?

Ejecting from your ship places you in an ejection pod. This pod is fully enclosed and self-contained, with limited shields, weapons and its own propulsion. Ejected pilots are then able to make their way back to a friendly base, as though they were piloting a normal craft.

While the pilot is now missing both a ship and any cargo carried, all funds are retained. Thus, a new ship can be outfitted, or if the pilot maintains a fleet of ships, one can be called under My Fleet.

Activation of the ejection sequence is via the key SHIFT_LEFT_EN.png E_EN.png. You may then maneuver the ejection pod as if it were a normal ship.


Frequently used to rid a player of a pilot character to which they hold no further interest, a player may self-destruct the current game. Pressing self-destruct causes the destruction of your current ship, and the death of the pilot.

The game will restart as though a new game had been selected.

Activation of the self-destruct is via the key SHIFT_LEFT_EN.png 1_EN.png.


It is the nature of the Vega Strike universe that any travel a pilot makes, is made at their own risk. Sadly, in spite of the skills of the pilot, the ship type, and the upgrades on board, it may well be that your character will die - nobly in battle, or ignobly as a smear against the side of a station or capship.

Death in Vega Strike is not finite. While you may, if you wish, start right from the beginning in a new game, with a fresh Llama, no jump drive and 13500 credits, most players use the option to respawn.

Respawning returns the pilot to the last saved game. You lose any missions or mission cargo you were carrying, but at least you have your health and your ship.

To respawn a character, press SEMICOLON_EN.png.

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