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While most ships have forward firing weaponry mounted, many ships, including large fighters, cargo haulers and capital ships, also mount turrets located in various positions around the hull. As these ships are generally unable to engage in a dogfight requiring high maneuverability, these turrets form the main line of offense and defense.

While turrets vary in design, they all operate in a similar manner. Press SQUARE_BRACKET_RIGHT_EN.png to enter a turret. Press this key to return to the cockpit, then cycle between any additional turrets and the cockpit.

Artificial Intelligence

Since flying a ship and managing all the possible turrets can be a big responsibility, today's modern turrets come with a basic Artificial Intelligence, capable of operating all turrets. While not as effective as true pilot interaction, it is better than nothing.

  • O_EN.png = AI On. Activate Turret(s) AI and request attack on current target.
  • CTRL_EN.png O_EN.png = AI Off. Deactivate Turret(s) AI.
  • SHIFT_LEFT_EN.png O_EN.png = Weapons Free. Turret(s) will fire at will on all ships belonging to hostile factions.

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