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Vega Strike makes a large selection of missiles and torpedoes available to you. For an explanation of the effect of each type of weapon, please consult the online database. While their effects vary, their operation in combat is the same.

These weapons consist of, primarily, a solid tube with a propulsion system, guidance system (on most models) and a warhead of some type. They are mounted in dedicated weapon racks on your ship. When launched at your opponent, they act as a miniature ship. Your missile or torpedo will approach its target, and when within range will activate its warhead (causing explosive damage or various other effects).

In order to use a missile or torpedo you must first target and lock onto your opponent. This activates the locking mechanism (if any) of your weapon. You will hear a lock tone, and see a diamond appear around your opponent. To fire, press ENTER_EN.png or NP_ENTER_EN.png.

As with guns, you may have a selection of different missiles and torpedoes. Where this is the case, you may cycle through them using the W_EN.png key.

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arrow_left.png Guns arrow_up.png Manual Target tracking arrow_right.png