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Available guns come in several different designs. They include energy pulse, energy beam, and solid state weapons. Solid state weapons have a finite amount of ammunition, recorded in a counter next to the weapon description. All other energy weapons are powered by the spare capacity of the ship's reactor. This is represented by the red energy bar located in the HUD. Some weapons inflict a part of their damage as phase damage, which ignores enemy shields. For a full description of available weapons, please consult the online database.

Firing a weapon will either reduce the amount of finite ammunition, or reduce the surplus energy available. Full depletion of ammunition or energy will cause the weapon to cease firing. When the ship has spare capacity, and energy weapons are not firing, the energy bar will slowly increase back to full. Solid state ammunition may only be replenished at a Weapons Room.

Ships with multiple gun mounts may have several different types of guns available. These are displayed in the left VDU weapons display. The player may cycle between the various available guns, selecting the required gun for firing. The final selection will highlight all available weapons. This selection is called full guns and enables all available guns to fire.

To cycle through available guns, use the key G_EN.png.

To fire a selected gun, use SPACE_HALF_GENERAL.png (spacebar). Or, if other devices are available, try the joystick trigger [js-button0] or mouse_button_left_small.png (LMB).

Auto Tracking

Weapons mounted on gimbals are capable of minor movement. This allows the weapon to track a target outside of the targeting reticule, allowing you to attack even when your targeting bracket is not directly over the target. You must purchase auto-tracking capability individually for each weapon mount on your ship.

You may also disable autotracking when necessary. Disabling auto-tracking may cause a warning that your radar has been incapacitated. Also, if you have a repair droid, it may re-activate auto-tracking (it will “repair" your scanner).

Toggle auto-tracking with the key K_EN.png.

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arrow_left.png Combat arrow_up.png Manual Missiles arrow_right.png