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The Vega Strike universe is, by its very nature, a dangerous place. You are confronted with the danger of navigating into a star; your ship's drive malfunctioning, turning it into a floating coffin; the hull being holed, losing atmosphere; even a lack of supplies to last a journey. The greatest danger by far, though, lies with other sentient beings.

Vega Strike is set against a backdrop of interstellar war featuring three dominant (and several minor) species. A pilot could easily be caught up in this war, and must defend against all types of assailants. Further still, you must also deal with dangers from your own kind. Pirates, terrorists, Homeland Security, or even the military forces of a major faction may be after you, your ship, or your cargo.

Survival requires more than heavy shields, high afterburner velocity or a nearby wormhole. Combat skills - the ability to bring down your opponent and halt their attacks on you - are highly valued in Vega Strike. So, do you have what it takes?

Combat involves several functions already covered in other sections of the manual. These include Flight Techniques, Targeting, and Communication to name only a few. What we are concerned with here are the absolute basics required to engage in successful combat.

Usually, the first warning that you are engaged in combat will be either a communiqué from your opponent, seeing them fire, or worst of all, hearing their weapon's impact and seeing your shield levels falling. A flashing light near your power displays will also provide an indication of someone firing upon you.

The first you need to do is locate, target and lock onto your opponent. It is recommended that you remain focused on that one opponent. This ensures that they do not have time to recharge their shields, while yours take a battering.

In the center of your flight screen (the HUD), is your targeting bracket. Your initial vessel (a Llama class ship) comes equipped with a forward mounted weapon that fires a burst of energy centered on this bracket. When engaging in battle, you will need to keep your opponent located within this bracket, giving a better chance of hitting your opponent with your weapon. Your right Video Display Unit (VDU) shows a three dimensional (3D) representation of your opponent. As you hit your opponent, you will note that their shields reduce to nil. At this stage, any further hits begin damaging armor, followed by internal components. As damage accumulates, the ship representation will become a deeper red. Once enough damage has accumulated, you opponent's ship will then explode. At this stage, use your targeting keys to focus on your next opponent.

If all opponents are destroyed or have fled, you have succeeded - Congratulations!

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