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Pilots are not just traveling through a void in space. They must interact with a variety of ships, bases, stations and planets. While they can certainly interact - all weapons blazing - such a career is not likely to last long.

The ability to communicate with others in space opens up many options. You can say hello, engage in psychological battle with an opponent by using taunts, appeasing factions to repair reputations (by begging for mercy), or to give a blood-curdling scream as your ship disintegrates around you...

The reactions of various factions may be influenced depending on your comms. If you choose particularly menacing taunts, your target may attack you instead of its current target. Likewise you can restore relationships with hostile people with friendly comms. Specific comms messages will be derived from your reputation with your target, as well as any previous conversations you have already had with them.

You can request permission to dock at bases. Doing this before actually docking may improve your reputation with that faction, and will trigger the docking clamps earlier on your approach.

A word from the wise: when being scanned by militia, they will request that you not deviate from current course and speed. Should you do so, they will assume you are carrying contraband and act accordingly.

Opening Communications

To communicate with others, you first need to target them. Once targeted, you may then choose what dialogue you will have. To see the types of dialogue, open your VDU to comms mode by cycling with the V_EN.png key. This brings up a list of numbers corresponding to actual dialogue. Pressing the appropriate function keys F1_GENERAL.png to F8_GENERAL.png will transmit that message to your target. Lower numbered function comms are more friendly than higher numbers (F1_GENERAL.png being friendliest). Your message and any replies will appear in the communication VDU at the top of the HUD. You may also use the function keys as hotkeys for immediate sending, but you will not see your dialogue beforehand.

To request docking permission, Press ALT_EN.png O_EN.png.

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