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No civilization operates in a silent void. Whether passed on as gossip, via the town crier, old fashioned print, or the most modern of holo-vid casts, notice of what's happening around the universe is always welcomed.

Most holo-vid casts provide the most basic of information, and are normally not of that much use to a pilot on the make. Keeping an eye on the news can, however, result in gains when a pilot stays well informed. Knowing of trade opportunities as soon as they occur, local hotspots, and the overall status of any wars may well influence just what you choose to do next.

News articles come in three different categories:

  • War Reports - blockades, battles, fleet battles, ships destroyed and suchlike are reported here.
  • Trade Information - these articles contain information influencing the prices and availability of cargo for a short period of time. Whether buying cheaply, or selling at an inflated price, this news only has a short lifespan before someone somewhere takes advantage of it.
  • General News - general articles about the universe around you, politics, the environment, and other subjects that may interest you. Sometimes, precious nuggets of information are available.

News Screen


On accessing the News Screen, two boxes will appear one above the other. The upper box contains the article title for each item of news produced. All news produced since the current game was started is accessible from this box.

To read a news article, highlight the relevant title. The body of the news article will now appear in the lower box. The Broadcast Date and Time will then follow the body of the article.

In the top right corner of the Missions Screen is the In Game Menu.

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