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Pilot Information Screen

This screen provides information relating to you. On display at the top of the screen are two buttons, button_player_info_small.png and button_ship_stats_small.png. Pressing either button brings up a view-screen containing information on factional relationships and current ship statistics respectively.

In the top right corner of the Pilot Information Screens is the In Game Menu.

Player Info

This view-screen lists all the factions that may be encountered in Vega Strike.

Each faction listing has a reputation rating ranging from positive (green, allied) down to negative numbers (red, enemies), with several other ratings in between. The second number recorded is the number of faction ships you have destroyed.

Lastly, a tally of Total Kills is recorded at the bottom of the view-screen.


This information can also be accessed in space via the Statistical Mode function of the Map Screen.

Ship Stats

This view-screen outlines the statistics of your current ship. Information pertaining to armor, shields, weapons and maneuverability is recorded for your review. shipstats_screen.thumb.jpg

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