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Ships Screen

In Vega Strike, not every ship (and not every pilot) is the same. Whether you're a rookie pilot just starting out; a merchant in need of a large cargo vessel; or a bounty hunter after a high performance fighter, everyone at some point wants to replace their current ship with something better suited to what they're now doing.

The Ships Screen allows you to access all of the various ships available within Vega strike. Light to heavy ships, produced by all the shipyards of all the various factions may be available - for a price.

Not all dealers stock all available ships. Some ships are only available in certain locations (military ships at military bases are a good example). Also, your reputation with both the manufacturer and the base you are docked with may influence availability.

Purchasing New Ships


The Ships Screen display shows two view-screens. The left view-screen is the Ship Selection view-screen. The right view-screen is the Information Screen, displaying information on the highlighted ship.

To select a ship, click on a category then click on a subcategory to bring up a list of ships of that type. Ships marked in red are either unavailable or beyond the player's credit limit. To purchase a ship, highlight it and click on the button_buy_small.png button at the bottom of the Ships Screen. This replaces your previous ship with your new acquisition. Your new ship will appear in the Hangar and can be outfitted at the Upgrades Screen.

In the top right corner of the Ships Screen is the In Game Menu.

Ship Selection Screen

The Ship Selection Screen displays ships organized under categories, based on the factions that produce ships. They are then sub-categorized as light, medium or heavy classed. Each ship could also be available in two possible conditions. These are:

  • Stock: This purchase provides only the basic hull. ALL upgrades (weapons, shield, armor, reactor, radar etc) must be purchased in addition.
  • Milspec: This purchase provides a ship partially outfitted. They come with certain upgrades permanently attached. Milspec ships are notorious for their difficulty in accepting upgrades, unless no upgrades of a specific type were fitted at purchase. They are usually cheaper.

Information Screen

The Information Viewscreen displays:

  • Price: the cost to purchase the highlighted ship.
  • Cargo Volume: This is the area of cargo space that the ship uses when stored in a cargo hold. It is NOT the size of the highlighted ship's cargo hold!
  • Manufacture: which faction manufactured the ship.
  • Model: the model name of the ship.
  • Crew Capacity: the number of crew required to operate the ship.
  • Mass: Mass of the ship hull without upgrades or cargo.
  • Acceleration: FIXME
  • Fore: FIXME
  • Aft: FIXME
  • Port: FIXME
  • Starboard: FIXME
  • Up: FIXME
  • Down: FIXME
  • Maximum Velocity for Manual Control: The highest velocity at which manual ship control is easily manageable. Only Flight Mode exceeds this setting.
  • Hold Volume: the amount of cargo space available to this ship model.
  • Hardpoints: the number and type of weapon hardpoints available to the ship.
  • Maximum Engine: the maximum reactor level capability of the ship.
  • Maximum Shield: the maximum shield rating capable of being fitted to the ship.
  • Description: description and general information on the ship.

My Fleet

Vega Strike allows you to own more than one ship at a time, sell unwanted ships and arrange transport of another ship to their current location.

After purchase, a new ship will appear in the Hangar, with the old ship placed into storage at that base. You may then continue with your new ship. You may, however, request that a previous ship be transported to your current location – typically when you've lost your latest ship in battle. The previous ship is delivered to the current location, and you swap to the delivered ship. The transport cost is displayed when a ship is highlighted. Lastly, if any old ship is unwanted, it may be sold to the open market.

Where a player owns multiple ships, the Ships Screen displays a final category, My Fleet. Clicking on this category brings up a list of all non-active ships owned by you. When requesting that a ship be transported to your current location, highlight the required ship and press the button_buy_small.png button at the bottom of the screen. The ship is transported to the current location, you swap into it, and are charged the transport cost. To sell unwanted ships, highlight the ship and press the button_sell_small.png button. This disposes of the ship for its current value including upgrades.

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