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In Vega Strike, not every ship (and not every pilot) is the same. Whether you're a rookie pilot looking for an afterburner; a merchant with a large cargo vessel; or a bounty hunter with a highly customized fighter, everyone at some point seeks to modify their ship - looking for that extra edge.

The Upgrades Screen allows the player to access, view, buy and sell any and all upgrades capable of being placed on a ship. From attaching extra navigational aids such as afterburners, maneuvering jets and thrusters, to more powerful power plants, shields and weapons, if you have the credit, the dealer (may) have the upgrade.

That is, not all dealers stock the same types or amounts of upgrades. Some upgrades are only available in certain locations (military upgrades for military ships is a good example). Also, your ship type may restrict the amount or type of upgrade that can be acquired. A light ship may be restricted to small reactors and light weapons only.

For information on what you can outfit on your ship, and descriptions of the upgrades themselves, refer to the online Database.

Using the Upgrades Screen


The Upgrades Screen will have the following across the upper viewing area: two buttons marked button_upgrades_small.png and button_info_small.png. If either of them do not appear, that means the base where you are located does not have access to that function at that time. These buttons provide access to the Upgrades Screen and Pilot Information Screen respectively. By default, the Upgrades Screen will appear.

Below these buttons is the screen title, followed by the name of your current base location, with the owner's name in brackets beside it. Below that your total available credits is recorded. Beside your credit record is your cargo hold showing total cargo volume of the hold and cargo volume remaining.

In appearance, the Upgrades Screen has three view-screens, two placed side by side in the center of the holo-vid, with the third view-screen at the bottom. Note that the view-screens have scrollbars where the information displayed is greater than can be viewed in the space provided.

Available Upgrades

The left view-screen is titled Available Upgrades. This view-screen lists all upgrades currently available for purchase and installation onto your current ship. Upgrades are arranged in categories, some of which are then divided into sub-categories - for instance, the Shields category divides into Light, Medium and Heavy Shield sub-categories, within which are located individual shield models.

Upgrades marked in red cannot be installed to your current ship. This will either be due to the fact that your ship already has a similar upgrade installed, your ship cannot mount that sized model upgrade, or your do not have the funds available. When marked white, the upgrade may be installed. Note that upgrades marked Add (e.g. Add Capacitance) allow you to purchase additional amounts of that upgrade.

Improvements to Sell

The right view-screen is titled Improvements to Sell. This view-screen operates similar to the Available Upgrades view-screen with respect to category selection; it lists all upgrades currently installed on your ship. You may choose to sell any and all undamaged upgrades – a necessary function where you replace an upgrade with a more powerful model.

To make a selection, click on the category and/or subcategory in the respective screen. Then, highlight the model you wish to buy or sell. Note that when you highlight an upgrade, a button_buy_small.png or button_sell_small.png button appears between the two view-screens. Click this button to enact the transaction.

Item Description

The third view-screen provides statistical data, pricing and a description of the current upgrade highlighted. If the upgrade highlighted is one for sale, the price of purchase as well as sale price is displayed.

In the top right corner of the Upgrades Screen is the In Game Menu.

Repairing your Ship

Where your ship has sustained damage, you cannot sell any upgrade components until all damage has been repaired. Highlight an upgrade in the right view-screen. Its color represents the amount of damage to the component: white is undamaged; yellow slightly damaged; and red severely damaged. If damaged, the button_sell_small.png button is replaced by button_fix_small.png. Clicking on button_fix_small.png repairs the component in full, and the repair charge is deducted from your remaining credits.

To repair cockpit damage and static, purchase button_basic_repair_small.png from the left view-screen.

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