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This page is intended to provide new users/players with the information to quickly find their way around the game

The Player's Guide

Our first suggestion is to read the online Wiki Manual or download and read the Vega Strike Players Guide (PDF). These documents will provide the basic information about the Vega Strike universe and how you function inside of it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For questions that The Player's Guide didn't answer, please refer to our FAQs page for additional information. Here we try to answer the questions that are asked again and again.


If your question is not answered by the Wiki Manual or FAQs have a look at our Vega Strike forums.

On the forum you can perform a search on the keywords of your question. More than likely it has been asked (and answered) on one of the boards somewhere, so searching will give you a faster result than posting a forum help request. This of course doesn't mean you can't ask in the forums :D, but please help the community (and yourself) save time and effort by searching first.

If searching doesn't provide the answer, then post a help request in the 'User Help' board, 'Compiling Problems' board or one of the other relevant forums. The developers and community members frequently read the boards, and since the community is spread around the world, someone, somewhere will respond fairly quickly to your request for help.


The last source of information are the IRC-channels. These channels are listed in the Links section of this wiki.

What files do I need to download?

See Installation for detailed Installation instructions for the various Platforms and Distributions.

Is Vega Strike free to download?

As far as the Vega Strike community is concerned, yes Vega Strike is free to download (you are paying only for your normal internet connection). Vega Strike is distributed under the GNU/GPL License (you can read the detailed license here), basically meaning that you should always be able to obtain the sourcecode and compile (put together) the game yourself. We actually go a step further and provide binaries so you can play immediately.

Bear in mind the License does not state the game must be distributed for free, only that the sourcecode be available. So you will find locations that charge you to download, or (as per the Installation page) you can purchase Vega Strike on CD if downloading the files is troublesome.

How do I play ...

... single player on my computer?

The best answer to this question is to follow The Player's Guide. Specifically, the tutorials will give you guidance on starting play.

... via splitscreen against/with a friend?

Multiplayer (particularly MMO) support is still under development at time of writing (Silverain 17:33, 21 Mar 2005 (PST)), but Vega Strike has a split screen version available in its programming. Please be aware that this function has been unsupported for some time, and will require a bit of work to get up and running.



Multiplayer is available in latest subversion. Check out HowTo:Checkout_SVN for help on getting subversion working. For more information, check this forum post for details.

How do I connect to a universe server?

Start up Vegastrike. Then you click on the multiplayer button. You will then have to put in your forum login to be able to play. If you want a different ship you will have to modify it at using again forum registration. Not all have weapon.

I want to know more about the Vega Strike Universe

You can visit the Vega Strike Database for information about Technologies, Species, etc... you'll see in the Vega Strike Universe.

How much fun is Vega Strike?

You can see a rather detailed list of Vega Strike's features here.

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