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Species data
Homeworld (Origin) TBAL
Age of spaceflight TBAL.
Physical characteristics 1.5-1.8m (head-tail)
Limbs: 10
Life span 35-40 Earth standard years
Habitat Oxygen-Nitrogen breather
Number scheme Radix 3


The Bzbr are a pseudo-reptilian species found on a jungle planet by the Aera early in their expansion. The discovery of organized alien intelligent life, even if harmless in it's neolithic state, furthered Aera convictions about the dangers of the universe, even as they worked to co-opt the Bzbr.

Physical characteristics

A Bzbr most closely resembles a jungle-green, copper-highlighted 1.5-meter long, ten-legged, arboreal reptilian with a nearly meter long prehensile tail. Each limb has four segments, the fourth being the hand/foot equivalent. The rear six legs are built for jumping, and are used only for locomotion, the two underslung short arms primarily for food manipulation, and the two forward inline limbs primarily for gripping branches or other such objects, arching upwards and forward from the rest of the body, in contrast to the other inline limbs, which proceed upward and outward from the torso. Lacking vocal cords, the Bzbr communicate in a simple language consisting of varied buzzing tones produced by rubbing their feeder limbs together and motions of the gripping limbs.

The Bzbr have three genders, breeder, broodherd, and gatherer. Gatherers are the most common gender, and conduct all hunting activities. Breeders are smaller than the gatherers, and forage close to the nest area for roots and nest building material. In far smaller number than the breeders or gatherers are the broodherds, larger, stronger, sterile, and existing solely to protect the young and territory of their sisters. Normal Bzbr nest groupings number in the few dozens of adults. Bzbr are exceptionally short lived, living only 35 - 40 years, even with modern medical technologies, but, given their small size, this is not entirely unexpected.


A world of jungle islands, spontaneous firestorms due to the high oxygen content of the atmosphere, and extreme seasonal weather shifts, the Bzbr homeworld can be safely considered unpleasant to all of the known spacefaring races.


Adopted by the Aera out of some combination of pity and sympathy for similar jungle origins, the Bzbr were pulled straight from the stone age to the FTL age. Adapting about as well as can be expected to this rapid change, many Bzbr simply went insane trying to adapt, but after a few generations, the Bzbr had come to accept the new reality, even if they were, due to rather much less than genius level average intelligence, ill equipped to fully understand the full complexity of it. Although not particularly bright or creative, the Bzbr are actually quite good at both remembering and following instructions, and have come to be used in various Aera space construction projects, where they are valued for their ability to deftly maneuver in small spaces and to leap from girder to girder. Bzbr, are, however, never seen far from their Aera Patrons, as they are quite lost without them. The Bzbr still, to some great degree, see the Aera as messengers of the gods, having delivered them from the horrors of their world, even if they know the Aera to be both mortal and fallible.


Though the Aera have attempted to convince them to do otherwise, the Bzbr engage in hero-worship of the Aera. A majority of the Bzbr are convinced that the actions taken in this universe play out in other planes where the great nest of all life is threatened by chaos. They believe that the Aera, by having brought greater order to their lives, make them all great warriors in the other planes.

Number scheme

Bzbr use Aera numbers.

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