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La falta de traducciones puede dejar fuera a nuevos usuarios de otros países. Actualmente contamos con una enorme traducción en Alemán, Así mismo se está comenzando a incrementar las traducciones en Francés, Español y Polaco.

Para está página, usaremos de ejemplo Lc. Lc es el código de lenguaje que tú vas a traducir. (como De, Fr, En, Es).

Starting a new language

This process is not too hard.

  • First, edit the Language bar template to include your language (copy and paste an existing example).
  • Second, create Template:Lc, which contains the name of your language (i.e. Template:De contains "Deutsch").
  • Third, create Template:Translation_Message:Lc that contains a translation of "This page exists in multiple languages". See Template:Translation_Message:En for an English example.

Translating of a page=

If the language bar does not yet exist

Edit the English page, and add the following code at the top:

{{Languages|En|English Title of Page}}

If it works out correctly, you should see a language bar at the top of the page, for example:

Translation Info

View this site in other languages:   DeutschEnglishFrançaisEspañolPolskiItalianoNederlandsРуccкий简体中文

Linking to the translation=

The language bar will link to Lc:English Title. You must use redirects to make the name friendlier. There are two ways to do this: The best way is to create a page at Lc:English Title (start out with the language bar below). Then, use the "MOVE" button, and move it to Lc:Translated Title. This will set up the proper redirect.

Manually redirecting a page

If the move button does not work, or if the translated page already exists, you must use the #REDIRECT syntax.

You can do this manually by creating your translated page at Lc:Translated Title, and then create the Lc:English Title page with the contents:

#REDIRECT [[Lc:Translated Title]]

Creating the translated page=

To add a translation of an existing page, you need to add a language bar, like you did for the english page, except with the proper Language code:

{{Languages|Lc|English Page}}

Then, start translating (I recommend copying the Wiki-text of the English page as a starting point).

It's fairly complicated to get right the first time, so the Manual page and the German translation, De:Handbuch (and the english title De:Manual) provide a good working example of this process. However, it should become simple if you get used to it.