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See also HowTo:MOD - How to make MODs


See Development for changing the Vegastrike dataset itself.

MODs based in the Vegastrike universe

VSU: Black Paralysis

  • Wiki page if needed: VsModsVsu
  • Description:
    • Set in the Vegastrike universe, you are a dockyard worker on a Confederate research base. At least, that's who you used to be. Now the future of the Confederacy, and even your own survival, are no longer assured. Be all you can be, or be nothing at all.
  • Maintainer:
  • Developer/Programmer: same as above :-)
  • Modeller/Artists: same as above :-)
  • Status: Light development -- just trying to get some basic systems and ships that work with the new VS binaries

Fleet Commander

  • Wiki page if needed: VsModsFleetCommander
  • Description
    • Fleet Commander is a modification for Vega Strike, making it a real time strategy game where you control a fleet of capital ships complete with their fighter complements.
  • Maintainer:
  • Developer/Programmer:
  • Modeller/Artists:
  • Status: Planning

MODs based in the Wing Commander universe

Privateer Remake

  • Wiki page if needed: MODS:Privateer
  • Description:
    • Privateer REmake is at this stage a complex modification to vegastike based on the original privateer design and concept as an available stand-alone game. Due to the fact that the sourcecode is offered free to download it's a common named "open source" piece of software.
  • Developer/Programmer/Artists/etc:

Wing Commander: The Wasteland Incident

WCU Wing Commander Universe




Babylon5 MOD

Vega Trek

MOD:Vega Trek

Vega Wars

MOD:Vega Wars

VegaScape (Pax Imperium: The Gathering)