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Wing Commander Universe (WCU) is a collaborative project to create a freeform space exploration and trading game based on the Wing Commander series of games by Origin Systems Inc. during the 1990s. The initial WCU effort spawned the game Privateer Remake, a remake of Origin's game Privateer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Wing Commander Universe?

A: The Wing Commander Universe is a Blanket Project that covers ALL Wing Commander Projects, Including the Privateer Remake, Wing Commander: The Wasteland Incident, Gemini Gold and any other remakes or mods of the related to the Wing Commander universe. Wing Commander Universe's ultimate goal is to be able to play from the very first game all the way to the last game and beyond, in anyway you want. IT IS, NOT, AND I repeat NOT a Privateer Remake Extension. Do not confuse the two.

Q: How will difference between games be resolved?

A: Luckily for us, all the games within the WC series have been fairly consistent with their physics and damage. The most notable change has been the conversion of armor from cm of thickness to the Durasteel equivalent, and the slight modification of weapons damage throughout the series.

Q: How will the WCU enhance the overall series?

A: The is the most difficult question to answer. For simplification I would like to break it down into three areas.

  • Major Change (has major impact to overall game and/or story)
i.e. Flying jet packs for ejected pilots. This has major implications for the overall story. First of all, it makes any pilot rescue missions less relevant, and given the existing technology in the WCU, seems very unlikely, unless placed sometime after Prophecy. This NEEDS to have the greatest community support and a lot of discussion before acceptance into the WCU.
  • Past Rejected Items Look here first. If it has already been decided that a "feature" will not be included in WCU, do not keep asking for it.
  • Moderate Change (has moderate impact to overall game and/or story)
i.e Jump Bubbles or Jump Buoys. This has a moderate impact on the game for the visuals, but other than that there are no changes to game play. This should be discussed to find out the best solution for better meshing of the games.
  • Minor Changes (has little or no impact to overall game and/or story)
i.e Destroyable asteroids. Just more eyecandy. This can be implemented by anyone, at anytime.

Forum Reference --mkruer 19:55, 28 October 2005 (PDT)

Projects Covered Under Wing Commander Universe

Wing Commander Universe is really two things;

Design, Standardization, Roadmaps

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