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From the noblest of trading houses to the shadiest of backwater hustlers, the Cargobay has them all. In this location a prudent pilot can sell cargo - whether legitimate or ill-gotten gains.

Making profit

One of the main aims of a Vega Strike pilot is to make a profit. While there are several different ways in which to do so, we consider here the ability to make a profit from buying and selling cargo that you transport.

In the Vega Strike dynamic universe, a single merchant pilot with a small amount of credit and a good ship can try to make money by trading cargo.

Normal Cargo

This is usually accomplished by buying from your current location, and then delivering it to a destination that is far away, has a need for it, or preferably both.

This is done using the Cargo computer


Cargo missions

Another way to make money as a merchant is to accept Cargo Missions, which pay a premium for delivering specific cargoes to specific destinations (these missions are covered elsewhere). missions_screen_cargo.thumb.png

Maximizing Profit

The secret to maximizing profits is to learn where a commodity is produced at a low cost, and where that commodity can be delivered for a high price. The use of common sense is recommended for determining what likely trade routes for various cargoes are. For example, a common trade run is to buy raw materials (gems, metals and suchlike) from mining locations (Asteroids) and deliver them to places that can use them (refineries, factories and industrial planets).

Trial & Error

The key is to determine what trade routes and what cargoes provide the most profit - and the only way to work this out is by actually transporting cargo. When you are looking at the various cargoes at a base, have a look at the prices listed for other cargoes. You may well discover a new trade route if you're careful!

Listen to the News

Lastly, pay attention to the news broadcasts. While the news is often full of battles, the occasional nugget of information will surface. These news reports often note DEMAND for goods in specific locations, or a SURPLUS of goods in other locations. As you would expect, surpluses will result in a lower price and high availability of the cargo, and shortages in the reverse. Of course, making a delivery may be a problem. news_screen.thumb.jpg


The ongoing war has resulted in the unfortunate breakdown of civilization including law and order in many sectors. This has led to the rise in trade of illegal practices including piracy and the trade and transport of contraband. Perhaps the worst, though, is the enslavement of sentient creatures, combining the worst of all practices.

Being a passenger on an interstellar transport, or indeed just a pilot in your own ship can be fraught with danger. All passengers, colonists and pilots run the risk of being forced into slave pods (except hitchhikers, who know how to avoid this). The only saving grace are those good souls out there, seeking to stamp out this vile practice, ensuring that all slaves are freed to become hitchhikers and regain their life.

To enslave any being (except hitchhikers), you must be in flight and have your cargo manifest M_EN.png selected in your VDU. Using ALT_EN.png + S_EN.png, you may capture any passengers or captured pilots and convert them to cargo slaves. Similarly, you may free slaves using ALT_EN.png + F_EN.png. (keys have not been recorded in keybindings as of entry Silverain 22:14, 15 Mar 2005 (PST))


Just imagine the profit you make if you discovered a good trade route, and the news reports had a surplus of cargo where you need to buy, and shortage where you need to sell!

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