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On arrival at a base, station or planet, most pilots will want to perform a number of various functions. These functions include browsing for new missions, replacing and upgrading weapons and ships, and lastly, trading any cargo they happen to be carrying in their holds.

One of the main aims of a Vegastrike pilot is to make a profit. While there are several different ways in which to do so, we consider here the ability to accept missions that require the Vega Strike pilot to perform a mercenary duty for reward.

In the Vega Strike dynamic universe, mercenaries with a good ship - and better upgrades! – can make a living from being better than their opponents. If a merchant's milk run is not for you, your place is here! Whether you're interested in tracking down criminals for bounty, defending or attacking a nominated target, performing escort duties or patrolling the local systems, we have the job for you. If the job's too tough, hire wingmen! The merchants aren't forgotten either. Take a cargo mission to a distant base for a premium, and then fill your cargo bay with more cargo for delivery. Even a mercenary may want to take a cargo mission once in a while, just to deliver a cargo near your target, and use the credit for that last upgrade before you do battle!

Vega Strike has the ability to provide a pilot with missions in two ways: firstly by accessing the Mission Computer and selecting a mission; secondly by talking to fixers in the Bar.

The Mission Computer posts standard missions with a comparatively low level of reward. Multiple missions can be accepted, but don't take too many. If a pilot doesn't fulfill a mission within a reasonable timeframe, you'll lose the mission, and your reputation with the faction will suffer too.

The rarer, more profitable missions can be obtained from fixers located in bars across the known universe. From off-duty military personnel, a merchant, to smugglers or pirates, someone, somewhere, has a job for you. These missions are more dangerous, more intense and - more to the point – more rewarding than what the mission computer offers. You'd better be careful though, some missions may lead you where you didn't plan to go, and you may have bitten off more than you can chew...

Lastly, pay attention to the news. Those broadcasts aren't just eye candy. You want to know where the hottest spots are; you want to know how you can make a difference in the war (for a modest fee); or you're engines are shot, weapons are down and you just want to be left alone to heal; well, GNN does have some usefulness.

Mission Types

  • Cargo missions require you to deliver cargo to another destination.
  • Bounty missions ask you to hunt down and kill a target.
  • Escort missions want you to escort a ship from you present location to somewhere else, defending it from any and all attacks.
  • Defend missions pay you to attack or defend a static target.
  • Patrol missions have you patrol or scout some places in a certain system.
  • Wingman missions allow you to hire wingman.
  • There are sometimes other missions, which you will need to review closely to determine what is required.

Viewing Your Mission Objectives

While in flight, your mission objectives appear in your HUD. As you complete an objective, the color will change: Red is incomplete or impossible to complete; Yellow is partly completed; Green is complete. Once you have completed a mission, a communiqué will usually appear notifying that credits have been added to your account.

Ejecting Mission Cargo

Mission cargo remains in your cargo space until the mission is completed. If you need to remove the cargo, return to space. Select your cargo manifest using M_EN.png, and use PAGE_UP_EN.png or PAGE_DOWN_EN.png to ensure the mission cargo appears topmost. Use CTRL_EN.png + X_EN.png to eject the topmost cargo. If you have a Tractor Beam, you may then tractor the mission cargo back into your hold as standard, sellable cargo.

Mission Computer

To investigate any available missions, get an update on the news, or review information on your pilot and current ship, you must have access to a Mission Computer. Locate the Mission Computer by moving your mouse cursor around the Concourse until it highlights the Mission Computer hotspot (you may not find one, as not all bases have the access required). Once this displays click to activate the computer.

On activation, the default screen is the Missions Screen.


If the base has a bar, head on in and treat yourself to some rest and recreation. While you're there, check out who's seated at the tables. People of all walks of life may want to talk to you.

Fixers are representatives of the various Vega Strike factions with whom it may be profitable for you to converse. If you're interested, click on them to hear what they say. After they have finished talking, a [Yes] / [No] choice box pops up. If you’re interested in what they have proposed, indicate your decision by clicking the appropriate response.

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