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The Bar

A greater hive of villainy, danger, and iniquity you will never find than the local bar. Whether gambling den, tavern, fest hall or respectable dining establishment, most characters in Vega Strike will at one stage or another be found here, having a drink and soaking up the ambience.

Maybe they're watching to see who else walks through the door... maybe watching you. Are they just acknowledging a fellow denizen of the universe, wanting to have a general conversation with you, hire you for a 'special' mission ... or are they watching for a reason more sinister?

In Vega Strike, the Bar, found in most bases in the known universe, represents such establishments. While stepping in here to have a drink, you can chat with the bar attendant, catch up on the latest holo-vid news, and look into accepting specialized missions from fixers.

Bar Attendant

Chatting with the local bar attendant allows the player to obtain knowledge of local news, flying tips, and occasional bits of valuable knowledge. While most conversation is designed to draw you into staying longer (and drinking more), there are the rare conversations where the bar attendant will let slip some important knowledge about goings on, potential money sources and similar valuable information. Don't discount talking while in your cups!

To chat with the bar attendant, highlight the attendant and click the mouse_button_left_small.png.


While you're in the bar, check out who's seated at the tables. People of all walks of life may want to talk to you. These people are fixers, representatives of the various Vega Strike factions with whom it may be profitable for you to converse. Click on them to hear what they say. If you're interested in what they propose, indicate your decision by clicking the appropriate response.

For more information on what fixers do, refer to the Mission Computer.

To chat with a fixer, highlight the fixer and click the mouse_button_left_small.png.

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